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How to make someone kiss you

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Now that's a kiss!
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Here are some ways to make someone kiss you, so pucker up and take notes!

If you want to kiss someone, it can be an exciting feeling! Is this your first kiss? Do you have a crush on your best friend? No matter what your particular circumstances are, making the first move can make any girl nervous!

[Guys, read on, too. You can use this advice on either side of the equation!]

You may be wondering if your love interest feels the same way about you, or you might be confused as to why he hasnít kissed you yet. If he hasnít told you out right, that doesn't mean your crush doesn't want to kiss you. 

If you want to kiss somebody, you have to make sure they want to kiss you too you. Most of the time, if you feel something special, chances are, he feels it too. You should observe his behavior. Look for nonverbal cues.

Nonverbal cues include obvious things like constant staring and smiling, to less obvious things like touching you on the arm or shoulder. Sometimes it is hard to read people, so if you are having a difficult time figuring out if he is interested in you, you aren't alone! He could be shy and unsure how you feel about him!

Maybe your crush is waiting for you to make it obvious that you'r interested in him. If you are already friends with him, show him youíre interested by dropping small hints. Is there something that reminds you of him? Do you have a special memory? Giving a one-of-a-kind gift is a great way to express interest. 

Remember that relationships tend to progress best when we allow them to progress naturally. Don't be too eager to smooch your crush! Get to know him first. Be simple. Smile at him and flirt with him. Do not overdo it! Remember to be subtle, and with the right luck things will unfold as they should. 

If you arenít friends with him, you need to be! Sit with him at lunch. Try and make conversation with him. Get to know him. Try and figure out what you have in common with him. Being acquainted with him will help you understand his feelings towards you a lot more! Make sure that you become friends, but you don't get stuck in the infamous friend zone

Since you two are now friends, make sure to direct your attention towards him. Giggle whenever he tries to make you laugh! Flirt with him, and tease him. If you show him you are interested, he will notice! Donít forget to be subtle, and do not overdo it! Dropping small hints over a period of time will go a long way!

After some time has passed, you should be able to feel him out. Remember the nonverbal cues. If you feel confident that he is interested in you, he might want to kiss you! Make sure to wait until the circumstances are right. For example, you and him can go for a walk or have a picnic at the park. 

Once you two are alone, try not to be nervous! He is most likely nervous too! Make eye contact with him. If he does not look away, lock the gaze! Do not look away. This shows you both are interested. Inch closer to him, and if he does not back away or look confused, he is interested in what you are doing! Happy kissing!!!

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