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Motorcycle chrome care

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Motorcycle with chrome
Chrome looks great but be sure to keep it looking great by taking care of it with these helpful chrome care tips
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Keep that chrome shining.

Motorcycle riders love the bike. And they go all out to make it look great. The shiny chrome sparkles and flashes in the sun. Ask them they will all talk about how great it looks. But the great looks don't get that way by accident. Let's look at how to take care of the chrome on a motorcycle.


Chrome is more than looks it is highly functional and resists tarnishing. It makes a statement: look at me! But chrome can rust and rust is the demon for all motorcycle enthusiasts. If you have pitted chrome, it's depressing and discouraging. Here are some steps to take to prevent that type of corrosion.

Motorcycle Chrome Care

If rust is on the chrome, you can polish it away. But if it's on the underlying metal, you have to take more drastic measures. If the bike is under warranty, consider having it replaced by the manufacturer. If not, you may have to buy the new part yourself. However, before you spring for a part, consider the rust removal treatments, which are very effective.

Chrome Polishing Substances

  • Some products like Wenol Auto&Motorcycle Polish can do a good job on chrome surfaces. It's strong enough to remove stains, surface oxidation and water spots. Flitz Metal Polish, Fiberglass & Paint Restorer is also another good stain remover.

  • Pre-cleaning can be done if your motorcycle has heavy oxidation. You can use Flitz Aluminum PreClean.

  • Two polisher products are Blue Job and S100 Polishing Soap. Both of these products are formulated for shiny chrome surfaces.

  • Many chrome polishes and cleaners can be used to scour light corrosion away from chrome. Some of these compounds also protect the surface.

  • Simi chrome polish and S100 Finish Restorer for paint will also buff metal. Deeper scratches in chrome can't be removed since the chrome plate is so thin, but aluminum or other metal can be polished down so the scratch disappears.

Polishing Other Metal

If you've ever had to clean wire spokes, you know how tedious it can be but a product from Lustre Lace can help you. They have polish-soaked cloth strips which you can wrap around spokes to cut down on cleaning time.

If you have screw heads that have lost their finish or are damaged, they can be painted with silver or a chrome-like paint using a fine brush or cotton swab.


There are good protectants available. These are preferred to polish bare metal such as rough-cast pieces. S100's Total Cycle Corrosion Protectant is a protectant. It can be sprayed on all unseen pieces, both bare metal (like an engine's sump) and painted (like the frame). If there are parts hidden under the bike or tucked away in the frame including the battery box you can use the protectant. It doesn't seem to wash off quickly, and it maintains its luster and stops corrosion.

Plastic Chrome

Chromed plastic is not true chrome and it should not be polished. You can wash and wax it. It may look like chrome, so be careful when cleaning it. Plastic chrome should be cleaned and waxed, but it doesn't like polish.
Remember, a good-looking bike is a well maintained bike so be sure to use these motorcycle chrome care tips.

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