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Pen kits for making beautiful pens

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Making a pen from a kit means you'll have all the materials you need
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Using a pen kit makes handcrafting pens easy

Handmade pens are one of the most beautiful and practical gifts to receive. A well-crafted pen makes writing anything, even bills, a bit nicer. 

With the right tools and pen making kit, you can craft these elegant pens for yourself or for the special people in your life.  Some woodcrafters even offer handmade wooden pens at art shows or in gift shops.

You can create pens from a variety of woods and other materials you select.  Or you can start with pen kits, complete with a pen blank and all the metal fittings. Using pen kits means you have everything you need in one coordinated package, which makes them a good choice for even beginning woodworkers.

How to choose the right pen kits

Getting the look you want

Decide what kind of pens you want to create.  Think about who will be using them.  Should they be simple or fancy?  Bright colors or classic wood tones?  Heavy or slimline?  There are pen kits to match almost any style or taste, so take your time and select the kits that will produce the right look and size for the person who will be using it.

If you're making pens to sell, consider the audience for your product. Look at average age, income level, education and gender to determine what styles will probably appeal to most shoppers.

Consider your tools

Some tools work very well with some woods and other pen making materials, while others cut unevenly or even split the blanks.  Review your pen making tools before you select your pen kits, then check out the wood or other material included in the kit.  Will it work with what you have, or will you have to buy additional bits, drills or finishing products to use the kit? How will this affect the expense involved in crafting each pen?

Look at the cost per pen

The price of pen kits varies widely, from the very simple and inexpensive to the elaborate and more costly.  An elegant custom crafted pen kit could easily cost two to three times the price of a simple one, but the results will be more impressive. Decide how much you want to spend per pen before selecting your pen kits.

What is the level of expertise required

The skills needed to successfully complete a pen kit vary as widely as the prices. If you are beginner, a simple kit is probably a better way to produce a quality handcrafted pen.  As your skill level increases, you can select pen projects that require more detail work or more elaborate finishes.

Pen making success

No matter what your skill level, there are probably pen kits available that offer you the satisfaction of successfully creating a handcrafted pen.  Start simple, think about who will use the pens and select pen kits that match your skills and tools. Making a beautiful pen is easier than you think.

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