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Photography tutorials for beginners

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Photography tutorials to help you become an ace photographer

Starting something new can be a difficult and trying process. No matter the hobby, there are many considerations to take into account and the learning curve can be steep.

Learning how to become a more proficient photographer is no different. What type of lenses do you need? Which camera works best? And for what budget? What about lighting? All these things can bring about a frustration in a beginner looking to expand their knowledge of the art form.

Fortunately, there are online websites, photography tutorials, and schools which can speed along your learning curve. Below, we'll delve into a few specifics within each branch of learning and provide information to move you forward in your photographic knowledge.

Schools for Learning

For those looking for a little more than basic photography tutorials, look no further than any number of educational opportunities available to you. One of these comes from the New York Institute of Photography, one of the oldest -- and largest -- schools around.

Founded in 1910, it's served as a jumping off point for photographers worldwide. It offers specific distance education courses for those looking to stay at home, learn more about something they love, and be able to do all this in between juggling job and family responsibilities.

For more information, head over to their "about" page online. Photographers looking to learn at their own pace can use these distance programs to get a great value and a solid education on the subject matter. NYIP offers three courses:
  • Professional Photography Course
  • Photoshop for Photographers Course
  • Fundamentals of Digital Photography Course

In the end, there are a variety of ways in which to learn about the art of composition. As with anything, in many instances, trial and error, practice, and correcting one's mistakes, can help a nascent learner to move toward technical proficiency, compositional mastery, and a new appreciation of the art form. So, get started today!

There are a variety of spots to check out online for beginners looking to learn a little more about the photographic art form. A good site offers a plethora of options for all talent ranges, from beginner up to advanced pros looking to learn more about more challenging techniques. offers information on a wide range of topics:
  • Photo equipment guides
  • Different types of cameras
  • Business of photography
  • Taking photos during travel
  • Resources for beginners, and more!

The best sections of the site happen to involve the basic photo tips, photo equipment guide, and lighting tutorials. Under their basic photo tips, they cover terms, different types of cameras, white balance, ISO setting, shutter speed, and basic information on photo exposure.

Many of these pages are technical in nature, but should be easy enough to digest for beginners. If not, offers a beginner's forum where newbies may ask any pertinent questions they have on their mind; experienced photographers will then have the opportunity to answer on the forum.

The site will help you to decide on which camera is right for you, as well as different lenses to consider in the buying process. There are also a variety of websites which offer assistance when it comes to buying your new camera, such as:

The great thing about -- in addition to all the pertinent information for all levels of student -- is an online textbook section. Here, new learners can find beginning information in online form, right in the comfort of their own home.

For the Old Fashioned Photographer

As well, there is always the paper route; Photographic Materials and Processes is a great place to start. It actually was the basis for the 1-year course offered at the preeminent school of photography, the Rochester Institute of Technology, so you can't go wrong. It's available at

For even more book choices, offers a webpage to learn about everything photography-related. There, you'll find information on the best magazines, newsletters, and books on becoming a better photographer.

Resources: Learn About Photography.

New York Institute of Photography: Homepage.

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