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How to plan for the weekend weather

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Weekend weather
Plan for weekend weather to avoid getting caught in the rain
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Try these tips and learn how to plan for weekend weather

The weather can make or break travel plans, holiday plans and weekend plans. Most people have to work during the week, meaning they look forward to having the weekend off to spend time with friends, family or singly for outdoor activities and pursuits.

Unfortunately, the weather does not always cooperate and weekend plans can quickly be thwarted by rain, wind, fog or even searing hot temperatures!

Avoid having to cancel weekend plans due to poor weather and unpreparedness by learning how to plan for weekend weather ahead of time. Follow the tips below to keep your weekend plans from being derailed and make the most of your time off work.

Watch the forecast

Turn on the news or the weather channel to determine what the anticipated weekend weather appears to be in the long-range and short-range forecasts. Start planning early by checking the forecast on the Monday or Tuesday during the week ahead of your plans. It's important to check the forecasts daily however as they often change from day to day and also are not 100 percent accurate.

Knowing the weather ahead of time can help you determine or modify your weekend plans. For instance, if the weather is expected to be nice, you may decide to plan a family day out at a water-park or perhaps camping. However, if rain or snow is expected, indoor activities such as going to the movies or shopping at the mall with friends are preferred.


The right type of clothing may help you navigate through any weekend plans without having to worry about cancelling. If you plan to spend the day outside and it's expected to be cold and windy, wear a warm jacket and scarf to keep you toasty while walking.

Alternatively, if weekend plans involve the beach and the weather is going to be warm, wear a bathing suit or shorts and a tank top. Pack a sarong to cover-up when your not in the water and extra towels in case you and friends get wet or spill food and drinks. A ski weekend getaway will require you to wear appropriate ski clothing such as snow-suits, parkas, hats and mitts to keep the wind and cold out.

Pack double

When in doubt, always pack extra clothing to take with you on your weekend activities and adventures. If you are traveling to a destination or city where the weather is difficult to predict, take an extra set of clothing in your travel bag or suitcase to serve as a suitable outfit in case the weather changes. Try packing an extra sweater, long pants and light jacket for cooler evenings out when the sun goes down.

Being prepared in advance will save you from scrambling to the mall to buy extra clothing or having to stay inside because you don't have the right clothing to protect you from the weather.

Equipment and accessories

As you plan for weekend weather, consider taking extra equipment or supplies that you may need in case of a weather change. Umbrellas can help protect you from the threat of rain and keep you dry for a short while if you happen to get stuck in a sudden rainstorm.

Rain boots or an extra pair of boots kept in your car or a backpack are also wise to have on hand. Similarly, boots such as snow boots may be needed if you are headed to the mountains or snowy hills for a hike. Before and after the hike, you will want to change back into your regular shoes for indoor activities.

By being prepared, organized and thoughtful, you can easily plan for weekend weather and keep having fun on the weekends before the start of another work week!

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