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Boost your child's education with shopping games
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Shopping games for kids will keep your children entertained while you shop

Going shopping with children can sometimes be a bit stressful. Since children get bored easily, you could likely find yourself smack dab in the middle of a temper tantrum while you're trying to get some shopping done.

One way to keep your kids busy and interested in what you're doing is to play games with them while you're shopping. Shopping games for kids can keep them occupied, but they can also teach them important lessons.

Scavenger Hunt

Children love to play hide and go seek and this scavenger hunt is kind of like that. Bring a few photos of some of the items you plan on buying. When you enter the aisle where the products typically are, show your child the picture and have her look for it. For instance, if you're buying bananas, give her a picture of bananas when you enter the produce department. Allow her to look around until she finds them, then have her bring them to you or at least alert you that she found them.

She'll learn how to search for things and will feel proud of herself when she finds them. You can print the pictures off of the computer, cut them out of a newspaper or draw them yourself. Either way will work, as long as it is big enough for the child to see what she is supposed to be looking for.

If you don't have pictures, you could bring in toys that resemble the food items you need to purchase. Pictures or objects: both ways will work and will keep your child having fun while you shop.

Finding the Alphabet and Colors

The Finding the Alphabet game is fun and educational for children of all ages. When your younger children are starting to learn their alphabet, this game reinforces their education. Older children can keep the alphabet fresh in their minds by playing this game. And perhaps best of all, it keeps their minds occupied.

To play the game, start at the beginning of the alphabet with the letter A. The children will then need to find an object that starts with that letter. Once they do, move onto the letter B and find an item that begins with that letter. Keep on playing until you have gone through the entire alphabet. If you're still shopping, start over at the beginning, or makes things even more fun by starting at Z again and going backwards through the alphabet.

You can also play the same game with colors. Ask the child to find an object that is red. Once she does move on to another color and keep going until you have worked through all the colors you can think on. Then keep going over and over again until you are finished shopping. This game could keep their minds busy while you finish your errands.

Adding Prices

A way to keep yourself on budget and to keep your child entertained is to have him add up the prices of the items you are buying. If you are only buying a few items, you child may be able to add the items in his head or with a pencil and piece of paper. If you're buying many different products, you can give him an easy-to-use calculator, which can help him add up the costs quite easily. Not only will your child let you know your totals, but he will also reinforce his addition skills.

When you know a few shopping games for kids, you can make your shopping experience fun for both you and the child.


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