Superhero party ideas

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Child superhero
Dressing up as a superhero will spark your child's imagination
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Plan a super party for your superhero.

Superman, Batman, Aquaman and Spiderman are all coming to your home for a fabulous birthday party. How do you invite them over? What do you feed them? And most important of all, how do you entertain them? Here are a few super tips to help you throw the little hero in your life an unforgettable superhero bash.


Making your own super invitations is the first step. Using construction paper, cut out the symbol of your choice and decorate it accordingly. Some great ideas include black Batman masks or red, yellow and blue Superman emblems. If you'd rather, use felt to make the invitations. Cut the same logo or emblem out of two pieces of felt and iron the two sides together.

One of the most original superhero party ideas is to photocopy some pages of comic books and whiteout the words in the bubbles, replacing them with words of your own. For additional excitement, write an invitation such as: The Justice League mission, if you choose to accept it is to meet at _______ (birthday boy's name and address) for a birthday party full of adventure.


Decorate your home with superhero fare: balloons, streamers and a superhero tablecloth. Place three or four action figures in the middle of the table in a circle to symbolize the meeting place of the Justice League. You can even buy a life-size cut out or two of your child's favorite superheros to watch over the festivities. If you are really feeling energetic, use cardboard boxes decorated as computers and other machinery the famous superheroes have at their headquarters.


Either have the guests show up dressed as their favorite superhero or provide some outfits for them to put on when they arrive. Capes and masks are easy and relatively inexpensive. For an activity, allow them to decorate their attire the way they wish. Use face paint to turn them into their favorite superhero.


Superhero party ideas include playing fun games. Consider purchasing some green rings from the dollar store and hide them around the house. Green Lantern has no power without his ring, so the guests who find the rings win prizes.

Another great superhero game is to have the kids participate in a power-building obstacle course. Use household items such as chairs, couch cushions, pillows, hula-hoops and other items to create a fun obstacle course for the children to maneuver though. Turn on some exciting superhero music (the theme to a favorite show or movie would work well) and turn them loose. When each child reaches the end of the course, he or she wins a small prize, such as a candy or a sticker.


Once the kids are tired out, its time to feed them. After all, superheroes cannot save the world without full tummies. Consider energy drinks such as Gatorade and foods such as a superhero sandwich. Cut two long loaves of sourdough or French bread lengthwise and fill it with cheese, meat, tomatoes, lettuce and other delicious ingredients. For dessert, serve cupcakes with small superhero figurines atop or bake a cake and decorate in yellow, red and blue or adorn with your child's favorite superhero emblems.

Party Favors

Great superhero party ideas include sending your guests home with exciting favors. Comic books, superhero figurines, stickers and candy make great grab-bag fillers. Consider purchasing each child their own superhero toothbrush to use when they get home. Superheroes need to brush their teeth too! Also, let your guests wear their costumes home. They'll feel like superheroes for days.

Coming up with exciting superhero party ideas is fun and easy. Good luck and have fun!

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