Winter bulletin board ideas

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Cheerful winter-themed bulletin boards can lift classroom spirits during bleak mid-winter school days
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Great tips for teachers! Winter bulletin board ideas to liven up the classroom

Winter bulletin board ideas are just one way that teachers can liven up their classrooms this season.  Cheerful, educational winter bulletin board ideas can boost school day spirits during those long, dark mid-winter days.  Besides, winter is an ideal time to teach students about seasonal changes, weather and climate, holiday customs, and winter sports and activities. 

Every experienced teacher know that once the winter doldrums set in, fun, creative ideas are critical for sustaining effective learning environments.  During these times, winter themed bulletin boards can even be transformed into scoreboards and displays for educational classroom games such as classroom jeopardy or wintertime trivia challenges.  Even on the darkest winter days, teachers can motivate and rejuvenate their pupils with prizes such as stickers, awards or certificates.

Teachers everywhere can utilize these fun, educational, unique winter bulletin boards ideas!

Winter Celebrations Around the World
Post this title at the top of the bulletin board, and below it, pin up a large world map.  Create a symbol key for the unique winter holidays celebrated around the globe, and place the key in a corner of the map. Then, pin the symbols on different countries to show children which holidays are celebrated where. These winter  bulletin board ideas  should be paired with lesson plans and reading material regarding winter celebrations.  Global winter holiday jeopardy or classroom trivia games can be a fun, extracurricular activity, great for snowy Friday afternoons!

Who Celebrates What?

This bulletin board idea is recommended for classrooms of culturally diverse students. Ask each student to bring in a picture of last year's winter celebration at his or her house.  Pin the pictures on the board, leaving space for each pupil to attach a paragraph about his or her family’s winter holiday celebration.

Ring In the New Year!  

Decorate your bulletin board with bells, cut out from construction paper, photos of bells from magazines, or real bells.  For added cheer, pin hats, noisemakers, or other new years items to the bulletin board.  Give each student a bell shaped piece of paper, ideally of colored construction paper.  Have each student write two or three new years resolutions on the bell.  Post these new years resolution bells on the board.  This bulletin board concept should be paired with lesson plans, books or videos about new years celebrations around the world

Winter Weather Station

Teach your students about climate, temperature, and weather changes.  Create a large thermometer of laminated construction paper, and post it on the board.  Post a real weather thermometer outside your classroom window.  Have students make predictions or forecasts about daily and weekly weather.  Teach students about Celsius, Farenheight, and freezing points.  

Weather related winter bulletin board ideas can also be a great way to teach students about clothing and appropriate preparation for harsh weather.  Based on temperature and precipitation, help your students to make forecasts about what type of clothing (hats, boots, snow pants) will be needed each day. To incorporate a public speaking experience into this classroom curriculum, instruct each child to prepare and deliver a classroom weather forecast, as if they were a television weather forecaster.

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