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Brownie gifts

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Delicious brownies make a wonderful gift
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Why brownies make great gifts

Each time you have to attend a birthday party, holiday party, or other special occasion, you probably dread picking out a gift. Every year it seems to get harder and harder to come up with a present that seems fun and original. Another gift card?  Another pair of earrings? Another bottle of mediocre wine? Ugh. If you want to think out of the box this time, consider brownie gifts.

Everyone – well, almost everyone, loves brownies. I don’t know about you, but I have very fond memories of making brownies with my mother and licking that delicious batter right off the spatula. I loved (and still love) eating a warm, gooey brownie with a heap of Bluebell vanilla ice cream on top. Brownies taste delicious, can be shared with others, and conjure up happy memories. Don’t risk giving your loved one a present they will never use. Giving them sweets, such as brownies, is a guaranteed hit.

If you don’t cook or aren’t sure how to make these chocolate delights festive, that shouldn’t stop you from being able to give brownie gifts

You can send the special person a brownie gift set, which is stocked with gourmet brownies and beautifully decorated. You can add on other pre-made gourmet items.

If you would rather make the brownies yourself, there are several different ways to get creative. When most of us think of brownies, we think of the plain chocolate ones, or perhaps chocolate with pecans. But there are a variety of other brownie types, such as espresso brownies, peanut brownies, blondies, cheesecake brownies, butterscotch brownies, and more. For an extra-special gift, you could bake several different types of brownies and present them in an assortment.

Another idea is to present your loved ones with a variety of different goodies. You can bake cookies, cupcakes, coffee cake, and many other sweet treats to add onto the gift.

There are several different ways you can present your brownie gifts if you choose to make them yourself. You can buy a decorative tin, which you can easily find at a craft store, and lay a piece of wax paper on the bottom. You can then fill it up with your sweet treats. If you would like, you can wrap a ribbon around it and tie a bow on top.

You can also present your brownies in a homemade gift basket. To do this, you first need to buy a small basket, which you can find at a home décor store or an arts and crafts store. Then find something you can put the brownies in to keep them safe, such as a metal tin, plastic baggies, or Seran wrap. Set the brownies in their container in the bottom of the basket. Then, take a large square of cellophane and place it directly under the basket. Grab each corner of the cellophane and lift them up until all four corners meet at the top of the basket. Bunch them together and tie a colorful ribbon around it. This will look very festive and personalized. Remember, you can always add other items into the gift basket, such as a nice bottle of wine, some ground coffee, or cookies.

If you are attending a cocktail or holiday party, if the gift receiver is feeling generous, they may even open up your present and share the brownies with the guests. If they love brownies as much as me, though, they make keep them all for themselves.

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