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Indulge in a rich, frothy cappucino at your local coffee house.
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Aromatic coffee blends and stove top espresso makers are perfect gift choices

Coffee consumption throughout the world continues to grow and with it our taste for a more flavorful cup of joe. From Colombian Arabicas to French Roasts to rich Costa Rican blends, the desire for this satisfying beverage can not be understated. Whether you are grabbing a cup of coffee on your way out the door or enjoying an afternoon cappuccino at the local bistro, the search for award-winning blends, flavors and great coffee gift ideas have never been greater.  

Roast masters take great and pride in producing the finest beans for consumption. Coffee beans are typically roasted so that aromatics, acids and other flavors are either created, balanced, or altered in a way that enhances the aftertaste and body of the coffee. With this kind of dedication from roast masters around the world, you can now enjoy a light roasted, Hazelnut breakfast blend in the morning, a Hawaiian Kona in the middle of the afternoon and a Caramel Vanilla Cream blend for dessert. 

With the availability of flavored coffees, lattes, espressos, and frothy cappuccinos, there are several coffee gift ideas for the coffee lover in your life. When birthdays and holidays come around, try some of these steaming ideas for the beverage connoisseur at heart.

Sample packages of whole beans -  What better way to get acquainted with the different tastes and flavors of coffee than with sample 8-12 oz packages of coffee. Let you gift recipient savor the different organic, earthy, sweet, spicy, nutty or chocolaty aromas of each unique blend. Tantalize them with the bold taste of a Kenyan, the velvety taste of a Hawaiian or the sophisticated taste of a Guatemalan roast. 

Gift Baskets - Have an assortment of light, medium and dark roasts on hand to tempt any palate. Add decaf and flavored coffees for a treat no one can resist. Imagine an aromatic cup of candy cane flavored coffee filling your home around the holidays. Place a coffee scoop, mug and assorted chocolates to round out the perfect gift basket.

Grinder - Coffee stays fresher longer if left as a whole bean, so surprise your gift recipient with his very own grinder. Grinders range in size from small hand held, economical models that brew one perfect pot of coffee to larger counter top models that will grind beans for larger commercial quantities.

Travel mugs - Practical and functional coffee gift ideas for the coffee lover on the go. Insulated, non-spill travel mugs are perfect for the morning commute or the business traveler. They clean up easy, eliminate spills and are reusable.   

Milk frother - Transform milk into a creamy topping for lattes, coffees or cappuccinos. Sprinkle with chocolate shavings and you have a decadent hot beverage no one can resist. A great afternoon or evening beverage dessert.

Stove top espresso maker - Need a little pick me up? How about a little shot of espresso to start your day. So simple anyone can enjoy without having to go to the local coffee shop or bistro.  

These coffee gift ideas will delight any coffee lover. The unique blends of premium coffees once only found in the finest coffee houses and bistros can be brewed and savored from the comfort of their own kitchen. They can experience the full flavors and aroma of specialty coffees from around the world.   


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