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Coffee is approved for most folks with a healthy lifestyle
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Good coffee comes from tips that ensure perfection

Hot and black or flavored and cold—or sugared and iced—it’s coffee that is a favorite beverage for folks in search of a quick pick me up—or a cup full of steamy comfort after a delectable evening meal. Among the most popular of coffee tips is the one that touts the importance of freshness. Newly ground coffee beans are an aromatic treat. Canned coffees are vacuum packed to ensure freshness. And if you can’t polish off an entire pot of coffee, there are coffee tips available today that point the way to coffee brewers and accessories that cater to single-cup service or a double-cup portion of fresh, hot java. Some individual servings are perked up in stylish little mini brewers whose magic is accomplished in as little as 30 seconds. It’s easy to find attractive units that produce a diminutive eight-ounce cup or enough liquid enchantment to serve a full 64 ounces of hot, steamy pleasure. A cursory scan of available coffee tips soon will lead a coffee lover to find these little powerhouses—personal mini brewers and accessories that are as welcome at the office as they are at home.

Coffee drinkers unite

There is no doubt that coffee tips leading to the brewing of a rich, full flavored cup of coffee have appeal for most members of today’s busy families. But few realize that an individual’s coffee habits are the backbone of a big-time industry. Coffee supports economic stability in many countries. It also makes a great gift and anyone seeking coffee tips about unusual ways of pleasing finicky coffee drinkers is bound, eventually, to discover an array of coffee samplers and gift baskets. Unique versions can be found. The most imaginative gift baskets often include delicacies such as tins of biscotti, shortbread cookies, syrup and pancake mix. Some include a bag of cinnamon streusel mix and a jar of pure maple butter. If everything is contained in an unusual carryall such as a nostalgic maple sap bucket, you probably have encountered a themed Vermont gift basket or something similar filled with native products from another of the New England states.

Coffee by the boatload

Many coffee tips can be shared in casual conversations between coffee lovers gathered for any kind of meeting or special occasion. Those in the workaday world find that the inclusion of little-known coffee facts is one way to quickly spice up any conversation and coincidently display one’s knowledge of off-beat subjects. The International Coffee Organization (ICO) is one of many sources for interesting coffee tips. Perhaps colleagues would like to know that—worldwide between August of 2008 and August of 2009—Arabica beat out Robusta by a hefty margin, nearly double. The ICO coffee facts show that nowadays at international-scale festivals, prestigious awards go to Importers, Curers and those excelling in Latte Art and Café ambiance. Coffee is indeed big business.

Coffee tips for every day

Health experts in recent years have divulged a number of health tips to promote longevity. Some are delightful, such as those about the health benefits of chocolate. Recognized too is the fact that the ingestion of moderate amounts of coffee—between three and five 8-ounce cups—can enhance a healthy lifestyle. Moderation is the key and allowances are made for various medical issues calling for coffee restriction. Coffee tips for pregnant women, for instance, would include cautions to keep their coffee consumption to three cups or less per day. As always, a doctor’s advice is valuable when constructing a healthy diet that includes coffee and it’s most active ingredient—caffeine. Other coffee tips relate to brewing, storing and serving.

• Store ground coffee in a cool place
• Coffee is absorbent of other odors; keep the lid on
• Grind no more than two weeks worth at a time
• Clean a glass coffee pot with wet table salt
• Use cold water to brew the tastiest coffee
• Always keep coffee in an opaque can or container
• Adhere to recommended coffee measurements
• Look for the roast date on bag instead of the use-by date
• Preheat your cup with hot water so it doesn’t quickly cool

Any day is a great day for those who love coffee and begin their activities with a gulp that has gusto. History shows coffee is a commodity capable of claiming a place in the chronicles of many countries. Music master of old, Johann Sebastian Bach, reportedly said, “How sweet coffee tastes!” And Hollywood legend Clark Gable is said to have added similar comments when he quipped, “I never laugh until I’ve had my coffee.” Isn’t it about time you had another cup?

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