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Recipes with oranges

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Cluster of oranges
Who says orange isn’t a primary color?
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Come along on a new culinary adventure cooking with oranges

Although delicious all by themselves, oranges serve many complementary uses within the vast cosmos of food. Recipes with oranges are unusually flavored and always very healthy. Whether you are utilizing plump, juicy navel oranges, tasty mandarins or tangerines, citrus adds a unique and tangy flavor to protein.

Oranges are very versatile and go well with many different types of food. In salads, for example, they can be a part of the dressing or they can be mixed directly into the salad itself. Oranges are wonderful in flavoring marinades for a variety of meat dishes. They can also be used frozen in sherbets and such. When using recipes with oranges, always try to use fresh oranges and not the canned variety. Cooking with tangerines, is also a unique experience and one that every cook should try.

What are some recipes with oranges?

1- Chicken as a main course

Chicken and orange flavoring are a great combination and well known in oriental and continental cuisines. Make some juice out of a few oranges and add a sweetener. Add cloves to the juice and let the chicken soak in it for a few minutes. Then, place the pieces of chicken as well as some of the juice in a bag and cook them. The liquid will keep the chicken moist. After cooking, apply a small amount of the dressing over the chicken for added flavoring.

2- Orange salad with greens

Using a bed of mixed greens (green leaf lettuce of baby greens), remove the rind from some orange slices and place them on the edge of the dish. Sprinkle dried cranberries and oriental noodles over the top of the dish. The dressing will require four oranges mixed with a sweetener in a blender. When thickened add some apple cider vinegar and pour the dressing lightly over the dish of greens.

3- Orange-crusted shrimp appetizer

This tasty dish relies on a dipping sauce made from crushed oranges and apples in a blender. First, prepare batter for the shrimp, and add some orange juice from freshly squeezed oranges to it. For a sweetener, add some pieces of coconut and a little sugar or sugar substitute. Then add some milk for the final touch on a delicious Hawaiian-style dipping sauce.

4- Orange spread

The sky’s the limit in how this recipe can be used. Typically, it can be spread on toast instead of butter, but it can be also be used for toppings on all kinds of culinary delights, the limits of which remain in your own imagination. You will need: the grated rind of ½ an orange, ¼ cup cream, ½ cup sugar or sugar substitute, 3 tablespoons of flour, ½ tablespoon lemon juice, 1 tablespoon flour and 1 tablespoon butter. Mix all the ingredients in the order listed and cook in a double boiler for about 10 minutes, stirring constantly. Cool before using.

5- Orange ice cream

Use some vanilla bean frozen yogurt for this simple recipe. Mix along with a sweetener some oranges in a blender. Pour the orange juice mixture over top of the frozen yogurt. Or, if you prefer, make a milkshake by adding some low-fat milk to the mix. No matter which type of orange you prefer for your culinary creations, the possibilities for recipes with oranges are endless and well worth discovering and tasting.

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