Avoid casual shoe fashion mistakes

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Men should choose casual shoes that are sleek, stylish and comfy.
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Be a fashion icon, not victim, by avoiding men's casual shoe fashion mistakes

Believe it or not, shoes can actually make or break an outfit. The fact is, there's a lot of thought and consideration that should be taken when deciding which shoes to wear, no matter who you are: man, woman or child.

We all know that most women have obsessions with shoes; however, men should be aware of what they choose to adorn their feet, as well. The nicest suit or casual wear can look tarnished, cheap or even cheesy if the shoes are all wrong.

Even if you have high-quality footwear, it can still ruin your outfit if it does not match. We've probably all seen a few men's shoe faux pas that don't take fashion experts to spot. To prevent yourself from becoming the next fashion victim, there are a few casual shoe fashion mistakes men should avoid.

Just like a woman shouldn't wear running shoes with a dress, a man shouldn't sport them with a suit or other formal-type outfit either. There is almost nothing worse that spotting a man in a nice suit, then looking down and seeing bright white tennis shoes glaring at you. No matter what your reasoning is for wearing sports shoes with an obviously formal get-up, the simple fact is, it just doesn't look good. It's not cute, it's not quirky--it's just plain wrong. Suits should be given the same foot treatment as a fancy dress. The shoes should compliment the outfit, adding style and sophistication, not giggles and torment from onlookers. Give your suit that treatment is deserves and pair it with stylish dress shoes.

While sandals are acceptable in most casual settings, the presence of socks with them is absolutely not. If it's not warm enough to go without socks, you shouldn't wear sandals in the first place. Moreover, sandals are designed to give your feet breathing room and let them hit the open air. Wearing socks not only defeats this purpose, but totally takes away from the style of the sandal.

Some of the most common casual shoe fashion mistakes men should avoid are the choices of wrong shoe shapes and styles. A few decades ago, the clunky shoe was all the rage. It seemed the fatter your shoe was, the better; however, this is no longer the case. In fact, clunky, boxy shoes just make you look like a clown and unfortunately, the only thing people will be laughing at is your footwear. Instead, choose a shoe that is sleek, modern and gives you an element of style, such as a sports-fusion casual oxford. Classic and versatile, this type of men's casual shoe goes with jeans or khakis and adds an element of sophistication to your outfit.

One of the sure signs of summer is the presence of flip-flops. Flip-flops are comfortable, fun shoes that make you relax the moment you put them on. However, there is a time and a place for such footwear, which does not include formal functions or even dinner out with your significant other. Wearing flip-flops to your family reunion, an outdoor wedding or a date just makes you look like you didn't want to bother. Your relaxed, no-fuss style can still be achieved with a pair of classy slip-ons instead. They are just as easy to put on as flip-flops, yet cover your toes and give you a grown-up style.

Once you know which casual shoe fashion mistakes men should avoid, you will never ruin your outfit again. Remember, wearing stylish footwear does not always mean you have to have uncomfortable shoes. Your fashion statement can still be achieved with classy, casual shoes that will earn you nods of approval, instead of snickers.

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