How to wear t-shirts without looking sloppy

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Avoid “the sloppies” with these men's fashion tips on how to wear t-shirts
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Fashionable ways to wear t-shirts for men

Casual clothing like t-shirts are becoming more and more popular these days. Just take a brisk stroll down any heavily-populated urban or suburban boulevard at mid-day in any metropolis, and take a look around. T-shirts are everywhere. These staples of pop culture fashion have made their way into men’s daily wardrobes. 

But sometimes casual can go a little too far. And some of you are asking how to wear t-shirts without looking sloppy.

Fortunately, just a few tips can take your look from frat row to wow, all without surrendering your t-shirts. Yes, guys, you can still wear jeans and t's and look pulled together! 

Read on to find out expert fashion tips on how men can steer clear of “the sloppies” to achieve a hot look that women will love.

Tuck in your t-shirt 

Wearing a t-shirt hanging outside your pants can look quite sloppy unless it's very fitted. So the first thing to do when avoiding “the sloppies” is to tuck in your t-shirt. This presents a nice, neat look that attracts attention for all the right reasons. 

Make sure your shirts are in good condition

Sure that completely broken in T-shirt feels great. But with the faded image, that stain on the left side and the little tear on the shoulder, it looks anything but neat. 

There's no need to get rid of the old favorites...just save them for hanging around the house, working on the boat or heading out for a hike. For everything else, invest in some new, crisp T's to wear on that date, to lunch or for a day out with friends. 

Think about what the t-shirt says...or shows

That suggestive t-shirt might have been just fine for your fraternity days, but when it comes to wearing it to dinner with friends and family, it just looks like you didn't bother to check what you're wearing. Ditto for freebie shirts from blood donation, disease charity events and other topics that wouldn't work well as dinner conversation. Let's face one want to be looking at a shirt calling for colonoscopies while they're digging into their burger!

Make sure it fits

One of the easiest ways to look sloppy in a t-shirt is to wear one that's too big or too small. Buying clothes that fit the right way makes all the difference in the world (and yes, I know that can be hard when the size on the tag isn't the size you wish you were!) 

If you're a tall guy, do check out some of the big and tall men's clothing catalogs. They've come a long way since they catered to older men with no fashion sense!  And most of them do carry t-shirts designed to fit your proportions. 

Accessorize with jewelry

Dress up your t-shirt with a silver chain, a vintage arrowhead necklace, or any variety of earthy men's jewelry. That little touch can make the difference between looking just too casual and looking ready to head out for the evening. 

Use Layering 

Layering is another option for a more stylish look. Pair a solid white, black or red t-shirt with a demin shirt or coordinating plaid. Wear a loose cut sports jacket with a trendy tee shirt. Go hipster-style with a Mr. Rogers flair with a cardigan. 

There are lots of things men can do to achieve a great look and avoid looking sloppy while wearing t-shirts. Try these some of these ideas out for size and watch heads turn.


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