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The well dressed man selects fashion styles that are modern yet comfortable and up to date.
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The latest in men's styles reflect fashions from diverse origins

He didnít care for the saber tooth tiger cloakónot one bit. And he grunted his displeasure. The thick orange pelt was matted and stinky. It bore raggedy holes in places his spear had pierced while trying to slay the massive beast. It had been a vicious battleócave man versus wild animal. But the skin was worth the struggle. It now adorned his body like a fine suit. And the woman with the wild eyes was looking his way.


Men still grunt once in a while, if the score of the football game is too close or the fish at the end of the line too smart to be landed. Grunts and groans and sighs of satisfaction long have been parts of the human vocabulary. But menís fashions have changed a lot in the past few eons and the latest menís fashions are worth a howl of joy.


Today, men are dressing with pride. Gone is the sagging and bagging of recent seasons. A guy whose assets are exposed is assumed to be financially challenged. It is perceived, especially by females, that he canít afford a pair of pants with a proper fit. Ladies love a well dressed man. His shoes are shiny. And his smile is sincere. The latest menís fashions focus on slim, stylish slacks and sensually appealing designer dress shirts in solid colors or subtle prints.


Fashion: furs to fine fibers


Todayís fine tailoring is for the most part automated. Computers are programmed to execute so many stitches per inch. Few people ever think about the olden days. Animal skins fell out of fashion as fibers came to the fore. Fibers could be clumped together and twisted into rough thread. Then, it was discovered that dozens of similar threads could be secured by interlacing a strand running in the opposite direction. Thus weaving was born.



Cotton, linen and sheepís wool made for versatility in fabrics. Early weaving techniques spawned descendents such as herringbones, seersuckers and velvets. Pity the poor defenseless polyester; it is long extinct but its DNA continues to propagate yardage and profits for clothing manufacturers.


Civilization made fashion a measure of success


Cavemen learned to walk upright. Their progeny learned language and manners. Sons came into the world as citizens of social classes. The poor suffered with tunics and breeches that were scratchy and cheap. But the rich wore silks and satins and fancy lace. Fashionís evolution continues today despite the absence of saber tooth tigers.


You wonít usually catch a guy of today wearing a tall, powdered wig. Spats and zoot suits are left in the dust, too. Nevertheless, the latest menís fashions address head-to-toe well being in matters of style. A manís hat, for instance, adds sophistication when heís wearing a business suit. Accessories such as leather gloves and leather belts add a tad of luxury. Rings, watches and other jewelry catch the light without roaring.


Fashion influences come from diverse origins


Todayís fashionably dressed man is not afraid to experiment with looks that were uncommon not long ago. The popularity of oriental fantasy characters, American super-heroes and extreme sports such as motocross and motorcycle stunt riding may have combined to give various accents to menswear styles.


Donít be surprised to see Chinese characters scrawled across the back of a manís white knit pullover. Most often the characters represent words such as fortune, luck or power. The combination of art and fabric lends the ambiance of rich graphics to a canvas of cotton or fabric blends. Likewise, some subdued embroidery could intimate a Latino or Mexican origin.


Sports legends too leave a mark in the fashion trade. The Olympics surely boosted sales of vividly colored running gear, swim suits and apparel designed for the gym. Of course, the traditional cowboy-look outfit complete with studded detail on shirt collars is an influence that will never go out of style.


Race drivers are another set of heroes that have made history on the oval track at Daytona International Speedway. They also have influenced fashion. Racing stripes and trademarks of companies that manufacture go-fast equipment are seen in street wear, jackets and caps. Sponsorship of sporting events tends to trickle into fashion wear sooner or later, for colorful logos are a part of todayís fashions.


The latest in menís fashions reflect an international recognition that what looks good can be adapted to any manís personal tastes. A pure white jacket can look great with a brightly colored pullover. A luxurious silk tie or a set of gold cufflinks can give a finished look to any business suit or corporate ensemble. There are a lot of choices for the man of today who doesnít mind a wild-eyed woman looking his way.

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