Comfortable men's summer office attire

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Men's summer fashion calls for bright colors and fine patterns.
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A men's guide for finding the right summer office attire

Traditional office attire requires employees to look polished and professional year-round, but every season calls for a shift in wardrobe. For a professional man, the warmer temperatures and sunny skies of summer will quickly motivate you to rethink your spring wardrobe for the lighter colors and versatile styles of men’s summer office attire.


If you work in an office that requires suits, look for summer suits made from thinner, natural fabrics because they “breath” better than synthetic materials. Soft suits made from 100% wool with subtle patterns are best suited for summer. Think fine pin stripes or checkers, and light shades including light blue, gray, taupe and ivory.


As temperatures fluctuate from the steamy outdoors to your air conditioned office set to sub-zero, it helps to layer your light shirt with a blazer. Some offices allow short-sleeved button down collar shirts or dress shirts in lieu of heavy starched and thick cotton shirts. Lighter colors are a natural fit for summer office attire: blue, rose, yellow, mint and peach are just a few. Pair them with solid colors or fine patterns for the fresh, lighter look of summer.


If your office allows business casual dress in the summer, you may find a more comfortable fit with khaki-style pants than with lined dress pants. You can choose from traditional shades of khaki or go with darker colors to offset a lighter shirt. Keep in mind that khaki’s and other cotton clothes require more care than wool and will have to be cleaned and ironed between uses.



No summer office wardrobe is complete without a pair of comfortable shoes made from thin leather. Lightweight shoes with leather interior and leather soles will “breathe” better, offering cool comfort on a hot day. Earthy shades of brown are a warm match to summer colors and patterns, and can vary from light tan to deep chestnut.


If you don’t quite feel yourself in pastel shirts, try bringing in summer colors with a few colorful neckties. Mint green, yellow, rose and lavender make a nice contrast with gray, white and navy shirts. Neckties are an excellent way to change the look of men's clothing.


Whether you wear a suit or shirt and tie, a belt that matches your shoes will complete your summer office look. If you carry a briefcase or lap top bag, go for lighter colors as well.

Consider trying on a variety of pastel colors, fabrics and patterns, and you may be surprised. Though a peach dress shirt may not look like your style amidst a rack of pastels, you may like the lighter and brighter feel.  Choosing comfortable summer office attire is mostly a matter of understanding your office’s dress code so that you won’t risk feeling under dressed, and choosing the summer colors and materials that fit well and keep you feeling polished and comfortable.

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