What is resort style clothing for men?

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Resort style clothing for men has gone mainstream and can be seen most anywhere
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Resort style clothing for men is comfortable and often colorful

What exactly is resort style clothing for men? At one time there was a distinct difference between work and casual wear, and men's "resort wear." Originally, "resort wear" was considered  clothing that a man wears when he is kicking back and on vacation, especially with a tropical theme; however, this type of clothing is no longer confined to resorts or to time off from work.

Resort wear has gone mainstream and become routine daily wear in many locales that were once vacation destinies but are now serving as year-round residences. Resort wear used to be called cruise wear. It was sold to affluent customers who were jaunting off on a holiday cruise and lolling about on exotic, tropical beaches, sipping banana daiquiris.

Resort wear for men is now considered a specialized all year round style because people are uprooting and making permanent moves to places such as the Mustique Islands, the Bahamas, Las Vegas, Dubai, the increasingly popular Mexican Riviera and Marabella, to name a few, and opt to dress in resort wear all year round. 

A good example of resort wear that you may already be familiar with is the Hawaiian shirt. 
Resort wear is designed out of denim, silk, cotton, poplin, straw and micro fiber, all of which are lightweight, breathable and are easy to pack. In addition, you do not have to fuss with it. Ironing is not required. These clothes are casual, easy to clean and look great.

Resort wear is derived from various fashion elements, including the palm trees and hula girls that appear in the archetypal Hawaiian prints; the azure, emerald and white hues of the Mediterranean, leathers from the Caribbean, the vivid floral colors and designs of South America and natural materials that are complemented by sunglasses, large brimmed hats, which protect the wearer from the sun, and open toed shoes. 

Designers who pioneered this style include Tommy Bahama, Lilly Pulitzer, Banana Republic and J. Crew. However, others, such as Vera Wang, Michael Kors, Oscar de la Renta and John Galliano also show resort wear in their collections. 

Sometimes resort wear is referred to as nautical style. Resort wear, is designed for comfort when traveling or when hiking, sightseeing, yachting or just hanging out. The pants and shorts are loose and comfortable and casual looking but good looking.

Types of resort wear shirts for men include Calypso shirts; cruise ship shirts with short sleeves; lace up shirts; woven shirts with front stitch embroidery; collarless shirts and polo shirts. A cotton button-down shirt is perfect for those nights on the town.

Shorts and pants come in canvas, drawstring, elastic waistbands and some boast six pockets. Drawstring pants are good to travel in because they are not constricting. 

Cargo shorts are de rigueur because they are the ultimate in comfort and can be worn with loafers, sneakers or slides. 

If you are the quintessential beach bum, get t-shirts that have been inspired by paradise. If you are the first guy at happy hour, purchase yourself the perfectly inspired cocktail shirt. Go green and wear swim wear and clothing that are made from recycled fabrics. Golf gear, of course, is a requisite as are an island motivated golf shirt. If you are a surfer, grab up some board shorts.
The perfect resort wear shoe include sandals, mules, clogs and slippers. And do not forget the sunglasses. And every man needs a good pair of sunglasses to shield his eyes from UV rays, whether he is on the cabana deck or on the way to the grocery store.

A specific type of resort wear shirt, which is new on the market, is the Hawaiiabera, which is also considered a casual Friday shirt. This shirt provides comfort, color and functionality and borrows from the time-honored floral prints and colors of the South Pacific. The Hawaiiabera is very retro looking.

Consider buying a khaki alternative British coat or a zip hoodie for your resort lifestyle. Track jackets can be slipped on when the sun goes down, and it gets chilly. This is a very cool retro-look.

Resort wear is all about feeling unencumbered and being comfortable so you can relax and enjoy.  And that is when you on vacation at your beach destination, boating or enjoying a weekend martini at the suburban steakhouse.


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