What tie to wear with what shirt

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Skinny ties are super chic and sexy
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Knowing what tie to wear with what shirt takes your fashion up a level

The tie is a simple accessory that can take a look from so-so to sophisticated. Slipping the right neckwear around your collar makes you look professional and suave all at the same time.

However, knowing what tie to wear with what shirt is often difficult for some men. It doesn't have to be; all it takes is a little thinking and creativity.

Think of the Occasion

Perhaps the first step in choosing which men's neckwear you want to don is evaluating the occasion in which you'll be featuring it. For instance, you wouldn't want to wear one that is casual during a formal affair and vice versa.

Additionally, you probably don't want to rock the same one for a job interview that you would for a date. The look you choose for your interview should be a bit more professional than what you would sport on your date.

For example, you can certainly wear the sports-themed accessory your niece gave you if you are going out with your family. However, you most certainly want to skip that one if you are taking a few clients out for lunch. You'll look unprofessional and less-than-serious wearing a piece like that in front of such an audience.

Therefore, you must think carefully about which tie to choose to avoid making a serious fashion faux-pas.

Make Sure You Match

Besides wearing the wrong piece for an occasion, another embarrassing instance that can take place is wearing a shirt and tie that don't match. Wearing conflicting colors makes you look sloppy and less than fashionable.

Knowing a little something about complementary colors does help, but you don't have to be fashion or art major to know what combinations to don. After a little bit of practice, pairing the two clothing items will become second nature.

For example, white shirts go with just about any color neck accessory. So go ahead and get bold with your color choice, as long as the setting allows you to do so. If you're going on a date, go ahead and rock that yellow, teal or pink neck accessory and know that you look amazing doing it.

If you're going for a business approach, dark blue, green and red all look sophisticated. Additionally, brown can give you the image you are going for, as well.

When you step into the world of colored fabric, however, things tend to become more complicated. Perhaps you've noticed that donning pink dress shirts has become quite popular with men. A variety of different shades go well with the hue, including green, yellow, orange and navy. However, red will do nothing but clash, so stay away from the shade.

Blue shirts also look good when paired with yellow, green or pink. Black and brown would also look amazing. If you're donning yellow fabric, go with green, blue or pink. Those around you are sure to be amazed with your fashion prowess.

If you're going with a patterned shirt, stay safe and choose a neck accessory that is solid in color. If not, the two fabrics will compete against each other.


You are lucky to have a variety of types of neck accessories to choose from; however, you must select the proper style for the occasion. For instance, although the skinny styles are quite chic, they are not appropriate for every event. This type of style may be a little too casual for a job interview. You'll want to go with an average width for this.

The skinny types are perfect for dates, hanging with friends or even a job in which you are encouraged to dress in a casual, yet fashionable way.

Although bow ties are fun and quirky, they aren't necessarily suitable for every workplace. Rather, don them in a relaxed and casual setting, like drinks with friends.

Having the knowledge of what neckwear to wear with what shirt can help you immensely, as you can project the image you desire and look handsome while doing it.


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