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How to look pretty when camping

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Both the scenery and you can be pretty with camping beauty tips
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Tips to help women and girls look pretty while camping.

Unbeknownst to many, camping and looking great can go hand-in-hand. Many women and girls of all ages want to look pretty while they are camping and there are several ways to accomplish this most desired end. Looking pretty and feeling pretty will contribute to the adventure and fun of it all.

Going camping was at one time thought of as a hobby that was just for the guys, but these days, taking a camping trip is also a fun way to spend time with the entire family, including women and girls-- no longer just for those with an innate desire to “rough it.” Hip girls know that camping - or glamping - can take place at a hunting lodge, mountain-side property, or kitted out camper. Holes in the ground? No, we are thinking composting toilets, hot water showers, and more beauty-enabling conveniences. 

Nowadays, whole groups of friends, coworkers, and clubs are teaming up to take the great big plunge into wide-open outdoor excursions and look pretty when camping.

Camping as a hobby and sporting activity, is by its very nature, an adventure, and so is looking pretty. Many girls and women already know that looking pretty also greatly contributes to how they feel.

Gear up, little pretties, crank up the hot pink RV, pop the purple tent, and come along for the ride.

Looking Pretty When Camping is all About the Choices:

As the old adage goes, “Pretty is as pretty does.” Looking pretty makes you feel pretty. Why not carry this same concept over to joys of camping? It will be well worth the effort and it does not take much, just differences in the choices made.

When buying the necessary camping gear, in addition to making considerations for the characteristics that are must-haves, also take beauty products into account. Beauty never has to be sacrificed for functionality. Never!

The real truth is that both beauty and function can exist in the same sentence. Really.

Hair and Skin Tips for Camping:

First things first. Think, “Skin. Complexion. Hair.” The most important aspects of looking pretty while camping surround having healthy looking skin and hair and protecting them both from the elements.

Make sure to bring along a daily moisturizer for the upkeep of your face, especially. This may be one of the most important camping beauty tips! Put it on in generous amounts, after washing your face with a good quality cleanser at least twice a day while on your camping trip.

This will not only keep your face clean, but it adds an extra layer of protection, shine, and hydration.

As far as hair goes, women and girls should wear their hair pulled back into one ponytail if their hair is at least shoulder-length. This presents a nice, sleek look that is chic, without having to be preoccupied with its upkeep while camping. It looks great, classy, and adds ease to the day.

Those with hair that is shorter can still look pretty when camping by slicking their hair back in a nice, well-conditioned, wet style, braids, or a short, colorful scarf. When choosing the scarf option, choose one that brings out the eye color.

Tents and Screen Houses Are Important:

One of the main necessities when going on a camping trip is shelter. This primary need involves choosing the tent and screen house - key components of outdoor gear and camping supplies. These items will protect you from the elements, including rain, sun, cold weather, and those nasty bugs that no pretty woman wants crawling all over them.

Chose a tent and screen house that is appealing and pleasing to the eye and that also functions well in the rain, heat, and cold weather.

Do Not Forget Hats and Accessories:

Now here is a biggie. Hats and accessories are very important when it comes to looking pretty when camping.

Tan, brown, and khaki are just three of many colors that can be worn on camping trips. The other colors are great to incorporate also and can quickly take a camping outfit from bland to fabulous in no-time-flat.

Trying out a head scarf in lovely hues like nectarine, salmon, turquoise, canary yellow, or even lilac. See how beautiful you feel.

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