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Pool care tips

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Read about these pool care tips and keep your pool clean all summer long.

There was an old Burt Lancaster movie back in the 1960s called The Swimmer in which our burly star swam across every swimming pool in every yard in his suburban town to make some sort of point about urban sprawl and middle class symbolism.

The care and maintenance of a swimming pool can be very costly no matter what class to which you may belong. Like most things in life, prevention and maintenance are the keys to longevity. Reading about these pool care tips can only enhance you enjoyment and extend the life span of the swimming pool that lies in your own backyard.

The following pool care tips will take about one hour of your time per week. In the long run, it is an hour well spent that will save you money and time, two very costly commodities.

Important pool care tips to remember

1- Good circulation
Keeping the water in your pool moving and going through the filter is extremely important and one of the most important pool care tips to remember. It is the process by which your pool removes its own dead spots where algae flourish and dirt and debris go to die. When the pool water is properly circulating, the pool is truly clean.
You can increase your pool’s circulation by swimming more often, brushing and using a circulator. Remember to expose all pool surfaces to as much sunlight as possible.

2- Filtration
Proper pool filtration, which requires 8-12 hours of operation per day, eliminates the formation of dirt, debris and even some large bacteria and algae. There are three levels of filters; sand filters, which remove the largest particles, cartridge filters which concentrate on smaller particles and DE filters which remove the smallest particles. Remember to chemically clean the filter twice each season. This will eradicate accumulations of greases, oils and other waste products that clog your pool.

3- Preventing cloudy water
Don’t rely on how the water in your pool looks to determine whether or not it is healthy. Appearances can be deceiving. There is usually one area in every pool that gets little or no circulation and thus falls prey to growths of algae and bacteria. It is this “bad stuff” that contributes to cloudy and/or green water. To avoid such a build-up, brush and vacuum the walls and floor of the pool at least once a week. This will pick up anything that the filter misses.

Three times per season you should test your pool water by having it analyzed. That is the best way to determine what your water is up to. Remember that many serious water problems, like pool surface etching, etc. occur in mid- season when the water is crystal clear.

4 Maintain a good water balance
Without a good water balance of pH, total alkalinity&calcium hardness, the sanitizer doesn't work properly or efficiently. When this occurs, bacteria and other nasty stuff invade the pool and can cause eye irritations and skin rashes. Chemical maintenance is the only way to avoid water line scum build-up.

5- Prevent metal stains
In addition to keeping the water balanced and having your water professionally tested at opening, mid-season and at closing, make sure that an copper and iron test is performed. Stains are caused by metals, and to avoid them sequestering agents should be used both when filling the pool and in monthly maintenance doses. There are different products available for different degrees of staining.

Most stains on pool surfaces (although not all) are preventable. One of the biggest issues is that pool owners are not aware that they have metals in their water. Even trace amounts of iron, copper, manganese, cobalt and silver can cause staining. Believe it or not, there is enough copper in one single penny to completely stain an average-sized swimming pool that has not being properly cared for.

Enjoy your pool but take care of it by remembering these pool care tips

These pool care tips are meant to enhance the life of your pool. Follow them carefully and you and your pool will enjoy many happy and healthy seasons to come.

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