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Summer yard sale tips

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Some Important Summer Yard Sale Tips

Everyone loves a bargain and there are few things that create more of a rush in the soul of a true bargain hunter than that ubiquitous summer sign that reads “yard sale ahead.” The promise of finding a “treasure” amid the junk is a great lure, but not enough to insure that the next summer yard sale you plan will be successful. Read all about these summer yard sale tips that are guaranteed to help you along the way to an effective yard sale.

Summer yard sale tips can save time, energy and money

1- Know the law

There are local laws and ordinances concerning yard sales and you should know what they are in your particular neighborhood. In some places, the law may rain on your yard sale even if the sky doesn’t because you may need a permit to run your yard sale. If a permit is required, you can be fined if you ignore the rule.

The law may even rain harder on your summer yard sale parade if you are planning more than one sale. Generally considered a great marketing ploy to drive traffic to an area, the problem with multiple yard sales is that some places now have laws limiting the number of yard sales you can have in a year as well as laws restricting the sizes for signs and/ or the number of days that you may display your signs.

2- Plan ahead

No roster of summer yard sale tips could be complete without mention of good old planning for which there is no substitute. If the items to be sold are coming from cleaning out a garage or attic, the recommendation is to allow at least one month to do so. Line up tables, racks and big cartons that can serve as containers for those items that you wish to include in the sale. As you sort, you can eliminate those items that need to be discarded, given to charity etc.
Separate and package separately “hobby” items that can be sold as scrap-booking accessories and crafts and beads and such for jewelry making. They may not appeal to you, but someone into those pastimes will jump at the chance to buy some of those items.

Do not forget to plan for rain and pick an alternate date if it does. If you are going to place an ad in a local paper, which is recommended, before you decide on a date, check the newspaper and see when the majority of other people are having their yard sales.

3- Be prepared with change and bags

Be sure to have a lot of change on hand for your sale. Although there is no fixed amount that works best, you will need a lot of ones. It is a good idea to have plenty of fives and tens as well because you are likely to get many early birds in the beginning of the day who will want to pay with a twenty. Keep a few twenties also because you never know and an ample supply of plastic grocery bags and old newspaper to wrap items.

What about those items that didn’t sell?

This is one of the best summer yard sale tips available because a bag sale is a great way to get rid of merchandise that might not have otherwise sold. It’s not a good idea to start your garage sale off as a bag sale. Instead, offer the special deal on the last day or final hours of your sale. Give free away some items to last-minute shoppers. One way to do this is to set up a special table of goods that you think may not sell. After your customer pays for their purchases, inform them that they can select an item or two from your free table.

Take advantage of these summer yard sale tips and have the most successful yard sale ever in the history of your neighborhood!

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