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What is adventure camp?

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Adventure camp makes the most of the great outdoors
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What is adventure camp? The way to make your summer vacations more exciting!

Summer time is the time when the kids are home and you want to engage them in fun, yet educational activities. Adventure Camp is a type of camp that brings your child to the outdoors and teaches them survival skills, as well as engages them in fun group sports such as archery, mountain biking and white water rafting.

Depending on the level of camp, as well as your child's age, the activities are developed to make the best of the surroundings and your child's skills.

If your child loves the outdoors and craves to discover more of it, Adventure Camp is a great option this summer! Learn more about what they offer, as well as what is expected of your child before choosing a particular camp.

What is Adventure Camp?

Adventure Camp is a type of summer camp that challenges your children to become a stronger individual. Some camps will be based in on place, while other will travel and endure different outdoor environments such as: mountain climbing, white water rafting, even parasailing! Adventure Camps also create cultural exchanges and travel to international countries, making children appreciate another culture, as well as learn a little of the new language by social interactions.

What do children learn?

In Adventure Camps, your children will learn skills such as: a sense of leadership, competency and a belief in decision making. They will also develop survival skills in the great outdoors as well as becoming more social in new environments. Friendships developed in summer camp are life long relationships!

Where can you find Adventure Camps?

Like everything else, the best place to find something is on Google. But with summer camps, it is a great idea to ask friends and family members if they have sent their children to them. References, such as calling the camp, as well as speaking to a counselor, will put you at ease with the fact of leaving your darling offspring in the wilderness.

What to pack for Adventure Camps?

Packing for any type of summer camp is a week long event and you'll need a list to get your organized! Here are some of the basic necessities you need to keep in mind: rapid dry clothing, comfortable shoes/hiking boots, toiletries, blankets, tents, sleeping bags, insect repellents, sunscreen, books, stationery and more depending on your child's needs.

Attending summer camp should be a decision that both parents and children take, because you don't want to force your children to do something that will make them unhappy. Tap into your child's interests to find the best summer experience. This will make them interested in attending!

A Note to Parents: Make sure to send a care package during the time your child is at camp if the camp rules permit it. Children love getting care packages with their favorite goodies, as well as home-baked goods to share with their new friends. Send them your love with the sweet goods!

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