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50s party ideas

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Juke box
Turn up the juke box and dance to your favorite Elvis song at a fabulous 50s party
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Check out these fun 50s party ideas.

Sock Hop

A great way to throw a 50s party is to hold a sock hop. Put some great 50s music on the stereo, invite friends and family to wear their poodle skirts, leather jackets and rolled up Levi's and have a great time dancing in the basement. Play popular 50s music like Elvis, Bill Haley and the Comets. Decorate with shiny black and hot pink; put up signs that say Mel's Diner and Rock 'n Roll is Here to Stay. Serve cold cuts or hero sandwiches; have bowls of chips and pretzels out for your guests to enjoy. Hand out loot bags full of rock and roll memorabilia maybe a felt cut-out of the boys' initials to be sewn on a sweater or jacket, and a polka dot scarf for the girls.

Roller Skating Party

One of the most fun of the 50s party ideas is a roller skating party. If there is a roller rink in your town, invite all your guests to dress in your favorite 50s attire and go to the rink as a group looking to have fun and bring back the 50s. Ask the DJ to play your favorite oldies and snack on burgers, fries and milkshakes from the concession stand. Have a great time holding contests with categories based on best costume and best skater.

Bowling Party

Besides hanging out at the local malt shop, kids in the 50s spent a lot of their time bowling at the local alley. Book two or three lanes and take your guests dressed in their 50s gear, of course and head down to bowl some frames. Give everyone cool 50s names like The Fonz or Chachi and have everyone play as their 50s alma mater. Bring your own 50s cups and plates; nosh on pizza, hot dogs, and onion rings, and drink root beer. For grab bags, try retro sunglasses, bazooka gum, wax lips and other retro candy. Offer small prizes for the best score of each game.

Grease Party

Throw a party based on the movie Grease. In your invitations, ask everyone to dress like one of the characters in the film Danny, Rizzo, Sandy or anyone they like and come to the party with their characters intact. Play music from the movie soundtrack and try acting out some of the scenes when dancing. Place nametags at the table for each guest and make a cake in the shape of the car, Greased Lightning. For loot bags, consider giving the kids a copy of the soundtrack and nostalgic candy like Pez. Note that this kind of party isn't just for the kids. Throw a Grease-inspired party for the adults and watch them dance and laugh to the old music they grew up with.

Happy Days Party

One of the most famous 50s television shows is Happy Days. Have your guests come as their favorite character, be it Fonzie, Richie, Ralph Malph or Joanie. Decorate your home to resemble the favorite burger joint, Arnold's, and serve milkshakes, burgers and tasty fries. Consider renting a jukebox and let your guests choose the music for the night. Enjoy contests such as Who can be their character the best or Happy Days trivia!

General Ideas

Coming up with great 50s party ideas is easy and fun. Purchase some hula-hoops and have hula-hoop contests; have a dance-a-thon; play freeze dance or watch re-runs of shows like Happy Days, I Love Lucy or Laverne and Shirley. Hand out favors such as cherry lip-gloss, toy 50s cars and blue eye shadow. Most of all, just have fun!

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