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80s theme party

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disco balls
The fun from the 80s never gets old!
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Any 80s theme party is a hit with disco balls and lava lamps!

I will admit it: I am a child of the 80s. and I loved it! There, I said it. That's no indication of my age or my coolness level, but more of how much fun I had growing up during that time.  We had so much fun dressing the part and boogeying down with our disco balls and lights. The parties we had were a lot of fun and even more fun planning them.

A few of us friends from that throwback time like to get together and plan an 80s theme party and remember the time. Do you think we're living in denial that it's not the 80s anymore? We don't really care, but we DO like to have fun!

Usually, anything that we plan for our 80s theme party will include the standard throwback games and food from the day, but will also include something different. The 80s gave us lots of ideas to choose from. We just have to make up our minds on what to use and what to save for later!

Here are some ideas that you can use for your 80s theme party. You can tweak things and add your own touch for fun times. Just imagine how cool you'll be after having one of these parties:

- For a birthday party, make a Rubik's Cube cake to fashion the fun 80s mind-bending game. Bake the cube cake in three 8x8 squares. Stack the cakes using layers of white frosting between each of them. Use colored frostings in the Rubik's Cube colors to finish decorating the cake: red, blue, green, yellow and white and use black licorice frosting to define the edges of each cube.

- What kind of food should you serve? Oh, just the standard 1980s fare including:

String Cheese
Rice Cakes
Jell-O Pudding Pops
Hot Pockets
Deviled Eggs
Capri Sun juice bags
Wine Coolers
Wine in a box

- Play movies with an 80s theme. Party with E.T. (Extra Terrestrial) and Top Gun blasting on your big screen television and your party becomes the "scene." You can also have your guests dress in costume like their favorite 80s television character from their favorite movies or the movie that you're playing.

- Mail your party invitations using "like" 80s speak, "you know?". So, "you could like", "you know" be "so totally" like "gnarly cool" and impress your guests. You know what I'm saying?

- Decorations are the ultimate 80s theme fun. No true theme party from the 80s would be complete without themed colorful balloons, streamers, disco balls and lava lamps.

- To send your guests home feeling even more throwback, include 80s themed goody bags for a send-off. Remember the fun candies from the 80s? The short list includes:

Microwave Popcorn (invented in the 80s, remember?)
Bubble Yum
Bottle Caps
Fruit roll-ups
Jolly Ranchers
Gummi Worms
Reese's Pieces
Gummy Bears
Fun Dip

Use your favorite things from the time and add special touches to make it personal and fun. Just remember the things you enjoyed and duplicate them. Fun times!

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