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Birthday invitations start off party fun

By Robin Becker
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Sending birthday invitations to your intended guests is an important step.
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Birthday invitation tips

When you plan a birthday party, sending birthday invitations to your intended guests is an important step. If the party has a theme, the invitations can follow it, giving a hint of the fun to come. Superheroes, magic, clowns, princesses or favorite movie characters are some of the themes kids will like.

Your Computer - a Great Tool in Making Invitations There are several ways your computer can help you with birthday invitations. Do a search on "birthday invitations" and you will find a wealth of web sites ready to assist you. Find the invitation choice that suits your personality and your guests from the options listed here.

Save on Postage – Use E-mail There's no charge for postage or anything else when you use e-mail birthday party invitations. You can find them at the same web sites that offer free e-mail greeting cards. For a theme party, try to find an e-mail invitation that goes along with the theme. Some web sites even offer free animated birthday invitations which are usually amusing.

The birthday child can get involved in selecting the card, while the parents will probably need to develop the list of e-mail addresses and fill in the date, time and location information. To be sure your guests won't think your message is spam, use a subject line like, "You're invited to Greg's birthday party" so they'll know the e-mail is from someone they know.

Look for Free Printable Invitations Online If you prefer mailing the invitations, you can also find sites that offer free printable birthday invitations. Toner and specialty paper supplier sites have nice selections of these. These invitations can be simple or fancy. You can print out a sample invitation and then make more copies with a copier to avoid using up a lot of toner. Again, be sure to let your guests know the when, where and who of your party. Make Your Own Invitations for the Personal Touch Who could resist coming to a birthday party after getting a handmade invitation? But you don't have to be an artist to make something appealing. Here are plenty of ideas for making creative birthday invitations online. This is another opportunity for parents and kids to work together and have a good time long before the day of the party.

Design Your Own Invitations with Greeting Card Software There are several types of inexpensive greeting card software programs that are ideal for making birthday invitations. They come equipped with many different typefaces, templates and clip art, so you can design and make an invitation that is just right for your party and then print it out at home. Again, you can save on toner by printing out one card and then taking it to the copy shop for duplication.

Buy Packaged Invitations In a hurry or just not feeling at all creative? When you don't have the time or inclination to make your own birthday invitations, you can always buy them in a package. These packaged invitations come ready for you to fill in the date, time, location and the name of the birthday boy or girl. Online party suppliers offer packaged invitations and can even supply matching party favors, napkins, paper plates and other party necessities to go along with your theme.

Last Minute Measures And if you've completely run out of time, pick up the phone. There's nothing wrong with inviting people verbally. This is a sensible solution only if your guest list is fairly short, since you'll have to provide each person you call with the same basic information.

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