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Cookie pizza recipes

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chocolate chip cookie
Supersize the cookie crust
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Cookie pizza recipes are perfect for kids parties

Remember the best part about slumber parties when you were little? The fun foods and all-night games could keep the party going until sun up. Now you're a parent ready to host a gaggle of your kid's new best friends, or maybe you want to share a found childhood memory. These cookie pizza recipes are about to make you very popular.

In case you've been deeply deprived, desert pizzas are simply a gigantic cookie cake topped with all kinds of yummy ingredients. Many recipes call for you to bake the "crust", first until it's almost done and then add the toppings in for the last few minutes. This way your sweet base doesn't get too dry or hard, and the toppings melt without burning.

You can make these with a standard round cake or a spring form pan, which works best because you don't have to worry about the sides sticking and the slices will be easier to get out. If you're baking with a large group of kids, consider preparing your dough in advance. A kitchen filled with kids can be highly distracting, and cookies call for precise measurements.

If you want to involve children, assign one topping to each kid and let them go to town, or divide the pie into halves. Finicky eaters may prefer a plain slice, while others will want to go a little nuts with the toppings.

Chocolate Chip Crowd Pleaser

Refer to the recipe on a bag of chocolate chips, or use your go-to soft cookie recipe to make a chocolate chip crust. Spread the dough in a standard pan and bake until the edges are golden and the center is fully cooked. Allow it to cool completely.

Spread icing over the top and sprinkle on your toppings of choice. Crushed walnuts or peanuts go great, but you may also want to add colorful candies like Reeses Pieces or jimmies. Take the back of a spoon and gently press toppings into the icing.

No need to melt the toppings if you use icing as the "sauce". Consider dying vanilla icing red so it looks even more like a pizza.

Festive Funfetti

Funfetti guarantees good times - it's in the name after all. To make Funfetti cookie pizza recipes, pick up a box of the cake mix. The side of the box will tell you how to make cookies instead of cake by adjusting proportions a bit. Bake it all the way and set it out until it feels cool to the touch.

You can't have Funfetti pie without a rich cream cheese frosting. Now what to put on top? You could add a few Swedish fish and call it sushi pie. If that sounds too odd, shake a bit of colorful crystallized sugar, nerds or skittles. Against the white frosting, bright toppings look all the more festive.

Inside Out Rocky Road Madness

For the party that has everything, Inside Out Rocky Road Desert Pizzas will steal the show on the sweets table. Refer to the recipe on the white chocolate chips bag and bake for three-quarters of the time so that the dough is still soft.

Add mini marshmallows and crushed walnuts, and then bake for the remainder of the time. If the kids prefer their marshmallows not melted, bake it all the way. Use a thin layer of fudgy frosting to adhere the marshmallows once the "crust" cools.

Toppings for Adults

If you're making a pie for adults, skip the candies and make a batch of instant pudding. Spread a thin layer of cream cheese frosting on top. Once the pudding thickens, spread it over top of the frosting then make it pretty with some slivers of macadamia nuts. This is what we call sophisticated!

Baking cookie pizza recipes isn't very complicated. The giant cookie will take a little longer than regular sized ones so keep a close eye on the pie to ensure it doesn't burn. When everyone is satisfied with the creation, use a pizza slicer and spatula to serve up the goods. Enjoy these treats hot, chilled or with a cup of cocoa. 

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