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Free printable baby shower games

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baby shower games
Baby shower games keep your guests entertained
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Free printable baby shower games provide good and cheap fun

Sure, people-watching, munching on tasty food and chatting with party patrons is exciting, but there needs to be some entertainment for a baby shower to be super fun. The only problem is, coming up with baby shower game ideas is kind of tricky and expensive.

A way around this issue, however, is by using free printable baby shower games. Fortunately, a variety are at your disposal and are easily found.

Word Jumble

One thing that mommies-to-be and baby shower guests have on their mind is babies. A great way to keep them busy and to challenge their baby word skills is to print out a baby word jumble.

These games take common baby items, such as diapers, and scramble them so they are often unrecognizable. The job of the guests is to figure out what the word actually is. Although you may think this sounds easy, it's actually quite difficult, depending on the word.

Print these games out and offer each guest a pencil. Set the timer for five or ten minutes – or however long you think it will take to figure the words out – and let them go at it. Have guests exchange their papers with each other or allow them to check their words themselves when time is up. The attendee who has the most answers correct wins a prize.

Word Search

Word searches are always fun and even more entertaining when they feature baby-related words. Printing a word search off of the Internet is a super easy way to provide entertainment for the guests.

To up the ante, give the guests a certain amount of time to finish the puzzle. The person who finishes first or who has found the most words wins. You can make it easy on the guests by providing them with a word bank, or make things a little more interesting by having them simply search through the letters to find the words.

Baby Shower Bingo

Baby shower bingo is a baby shower game classic, and it couldn't be easier to play.

Simply print out the bingo cards, which typically feature a bingo-shaped template that allows you to write in the boxes or already features boxes that are filled in. The boxes often contain baby-related words like “diaper,” “pacifier” or “formula”. Make a sheet of the words that are in the boxes, then cut them out into individual pieces. Place all of the pieces inside a cute diaper bag. Pass out a sheet to each attendee, along with markers to cross out each square as she gets them.

Pull out a piece of paper from the diaper bag and call out what it says. If a guest has this word, she will use the marker to cross it out. The first person to fill in a row either vertically, horizontally or diagonally wins. You could play a few times, but if you use a marker, you'll have to replace the sheet each time. Instead of using a marker, you could use small baby-related charms so the guests can use the same paper each time and you'll incorporate the theme in a cute way.

With free printable baby shower games, you are able to have fun at your baby shower and keep the attendees entertained and having fun all the way to the end.


Free Printable Baby Shower Games: Plan the Perfect Baby Shower

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