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Graduation party ideas

By Amy Catlin
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Celebrate your graduate's accomplishments in style
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Graduation is a time for celebration. It is the ending of one chapter of life and the beginning of another. Whether you are planning a large celebration for your high school senior or a smaller gathering for your Kindergartner here are some great graduation party ideas:

The Guest List Family, friends, teachers, coworkers, even former babysitters, are all people who have had an influence on your graduate throughout the years and would love a chance to share in this special day. Be sure to discuss the invitation list with your graduate. They may wish to include some people you might not have thought of, like a scout leader or special teacher.

If you don't have a large house but do have a large guest list consider renting a tent for an outdoor party or perhaps renting a facility for the day. Another idea is to double up the party and double the fun, hold your graduate's party with cousin or friend who is also graduating.

Do you have a small guest list? If so, consider a more intimate event. You could rent a cozy party room at the graduate's favorite restaurant or host a dessert buffet on a weeknight evening before the graduation ceremony.

A kindergartner's graduation might be made special by inviting all of their closest friends for a day of outdoor water fun. Have a huge water fight, play some sprinkler and water balloon games. Food for this event can be as easy as hotdogs and watermelon, for dessert consider popsicles or ice cream bars.

Food and Fun Even with all of the open houses held this time of year there are many ways you can make your graduate's party stand out.

The desserts are one way to do this and by keeping your menu simple you will waste less if people are full by the time they reach your party. Root beer floats, sundae bars, smoothies or a dessert cart featuring cheesecakes, assorted pies and chocolate delights offer a nice change of pace from finger sandwiches and chips for your guests.

Another one of the great graduation party ideas I have seen recently is to hold your graduate's party in the morning. Using breakfast for new beginning's as the theme and serve ham and egg casserole, a fruit plate and cinnamon rolls. You could also consider purchasing a Belgium waffle maker with assorted toppings like blueberries, strawberries and even chocolate chips. For a really great waffle bar don't forget the whipped cream.

Whatever you decide to serve make sure you get some help with the party and preparations. Hire some help or ask a family member to assist you on this special day so you can spend some time enjoying the occasion with your graduate.

Other Great Graduation Party Ideas:
  • If your child is a dancer or an athlete use some of the memorabilia you have saved throughout the years to decorate your location. Your daughter's pink kindergarten tutu or your son's flag football picture showing off his missing front teeth will be a fun memory everyone will enjoy sharing.
  • Is your graduate musical? If they are in a band or play the piano consider allowing them to play a set for the guests or buy a karaoke machine and let everyone get in on the entertainment.
  • Don't forget to use pictures, or play sideshows or videos for guests to enjoy while they are at your event.
Graduation is a special time not just for the graduate but for the entire family. No matter what your graduate will be doing next year, take time now to celebrate them and this special occasion.

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