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How to organize a prom committee

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Prom committee
Prom memories are created by a motivated committee
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Making a memorable prom party

Prom time is a big event in many young people's lives. Planning a memorable prom takes several months or even up to a year to organize. It’s a fun, exciting time but can be a lot of work as well. A lot of the success of a prom depends on the prom committee and how diligent they are willing to be in order to ensure that the event is a success.

School officials and volunteer leaders usually suggest creative ways on how to organize a prom committee for maximum success. Once the bulk of the planning and detailed organizing - like budgeting - has begun, the committee can concentrate on prom decorations and colors that will make prom unique and memorable for all.

Some of the best ideas on how to organize a prom committee will usually come from those who have experience in organizing and in leadership roles. People who have
been involved in planning other types of special events, large dinners or theme parties will also be able to give good direction on how to organize a prom committee.

The work involved in planning a prom requires a lot of detailed work like telephone contact with vendors and local businesses. A good communications system within the committee must be established to ensure that everyone does their job and all details of the event are delegated and met. The prom committee must create lists, job descriptions budgets for all details of planning a prom, from booking the band, planning ceremonies, ordering prom party supplies and selecting a menu.

There are several effective ways on how to organize a prom committee for maximum success. They include:

1. Commitments. Get a verbal and written commitment from each member. Usually when people commit and are asked to sign an agreement or give an oral agreement, they are more likely to stay committed to the task.

2. Meetings. The members of the committee should schedule regular meetings, holding meetings at least every two to three weeks to go over key topics. One of the first tasks of the committee should be creating a timeline for decisions and tasks from picking the prom theme to arranging for food delivery. This will strengthen the communication process and ensure that all tasks are met by the assigned committee members. It also makes certain that additional committee members are assigned to those areas that need attention, and that nothing falls behind. To make the meetings fun and light, be sure to serve refreshments if possible.

3. Enlist the skills of motivated people. They are more likely to do a good job of planning and implementing the committee’s goals if they are motivated and enthusiastic. Motivated, upbeat people usually will have excellent prom ideas to contribute to the committee and help keep the energy level high. Solicit those who would like to serve instead of delegating. The response from volunteers is generally more positive than from appointed members.

4. Enlist the help of individuals with resources of time, talent and money or business connections. Resources are a very important facet of effective party planning. People who have ties to businesses and individuals in the community who can contribute to the success of the prom. Details like party food, thematic prom decorations, party music, instruments and disc jockeys can be found in multiple local and online resources. Tapping into those resources requires someone who is well connected in the community or who has access to those resources.

Prom memories last a lifetime. It’s important to make sure prom is worth remembering - for the things that go right, not the things that go wrong - by efficiently and effectively planning. Although a lot of detailed work may be required from the committee, in the end, the work will be worth it. With a strong committee where every committee member contributes according to their strength of time, talent and skills, the prom will undoubtedly be a success.


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