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selecting unique gifts: sometimes the very best gifts aren't
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Interesting gift ideas: selecting gifts that family and friends will truly value

The act of gift giving is an important tradition that strengthens bonds with family and friends.  Who doesn't love exchanging gifts at holidays, birthdays, weddings and other celebrations?  But eventually so many of these well intended gifts just become more "stuff" that we take for granted, merely adding to the clutter in our homes

How can we select interesting gift ideas that our friends and family will truly value?  The trick is to opt for unique, interesting gift ideas that aren't "things."  Tips for interesting gift ideas include green and eco-friendly gifts, home made gifts, as well as gifts that provide an experience rather than an object. 

Here are some examples of these interesting gift ideas.

  • Give Tickets - to concerts, theater productions, sporting events, the opera, movies, sight seeing tours, ski areas... or even give airline tickets

  • Give a Gift Certificate - a gift certificate for dinner for two at a favorite restaurant, a gift certificate to a bookshop or favorite sporting shop, a gift certificate for a massage, a pedicure, a music lesson or a hot air balloon ride

  • Give a Membership - give a membership to a museum, organization or foundation that your friend or family member supports

  • Give a Subscription - to a magazine, a newspaper, a catalog or journal... even subscriptions to sources like or itunes are sure to be appreciated

  • Donate Something in the Name of a Friend or Relative - donate in their name to a cause you know they support.  Give a gift in their name to the Red Cross, to protect an endangered species, or support cancer research.  One great example of donation oriented interesting gift ideas is planting a tree in someone's honor through the Arbor Day Foundation.  The Arbor Day Foundation will send a personalized certificate acknowledging that a tree has been planted in your loved one's name.  What could be a more ideal or interesting gift idea than a donation that helps to preserve the environment?

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