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Magic wand accessories to liven your magic show

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Magic wand and accessories
To add an element of surprise to your magic show, use flowers or pieces of silk that can be hidden and then appear out of thin air with a flick of your magic wand
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Energize your magic tricks with magic wand accessories.

Magic wand accessories are an integral part of magic shows today. They are used as performance-enhancing elements of magic shows and are essential parts of specific tricks. Performing magic tricks effectively with these wands first requires an understanding as to why magic wands and accessories are used.


The History of Magic Wand Accessories


In Ancient Egypt a wand was a symbol of mystic powers. In medieval Europe magic was taken so seriously the hiring of court wizards was a common practice. These wizards were little more than magicians. The magic wand was used by them as well. It was said that all of a wizard's, sorcerer's or warlock's power was stored in the wand. They took it so far as to have multiple wands and maintained different wands for different circumstances.


Magic wand accessories can help misdirect the audience's attention. They're also good for performing various types of tricks as well as being entertaining for the audience.


Silk and Flowers


To add an element of surprise to your magic show, use flowers or pieces of silk that can be hidden and then appear out of thin air with a flick of your magic wand. This typically works by having a specially-made magic wand that can hold flowers or a piece of silk on the inside of the wand.


The Pop-Off Wand Accessory


The pop-off wand accessory is made to be a sight gag. It's an over-sized wand with tips that are slightly too small. When you squeeze the wand, the tips pop off. It's physical comedy that is good for a laugh.


Multiple Wands


The multiplying wand has the ability to split up into several wands. It acts as another sight gag and is usually used during a routine when the magician banters with his assistant.

A Stretching Wand


A stretching wand does just that: it stretches. You can add it to a comedic routine with your assistant, fighting over a wand which just gets longer as the two of you play tug-of-war over it.


Drooping Accessory


A drooping wand is a good gag to play on an audience member. When held by the magician (in the proper way, of course) the wand stands erect just like a regular wand. Then you hand it to an unsuspecting audience member and ask, "Can you hold this for a second?" and the wand droops. When you take it back, it's once again solid.


Broken Wand Accessory


Similar to the drooping wand is the break-apart wand. When you hold it, it's solid. But when given to an audience member, it breaks into various pieces.


Color-Changing Wand


This is a trick wand that changes its color instantly.


Coin Trick Wand


A coin wand can be a good one for coin tricks. Make the coins magically appear at the wand's tip.


Disappearing Wand


A collapsing wand is also known as an appearing wand. It collapses so that it's small enough to hide in the palm of your hand. You can activate the wand, causing it to extend to its full length giving the illusion that you're plucking it from thin air. You might also want to add a piece of silk to the trick to make it seem like you're turning a piece of silk into a wand. When the wand extends to its full length, it will cause the silk to retract into the wand.

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