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Nappy cakes: baby shower ideas

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Nappy cakes are fun and functional
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Nappy cakes are must-haves at any baby shower

Baby showers are full of wild and silly traditions. From playing games that involve placing chocolate bars in diapers to wearing clothespins on your clothes, baby showers are fun and exciting. A variety of aspects should be taken care of when planning a baby shower to ensure that the guests have fun and the mom-to be is honored and put on a pedestal.

If you're planning a baby shower, you'll need to think of games, themes and many fun things. But one thing you must have are nappy cakes.

The Skinny on Nappy Cakes

Nappy cakes, well, they are exactly what they sound like – cakes made out of nappies, or diapers. Fortunately, however, they aren't made to be eaten. These cakes give the mom-to-be diapers that she can use when the baby comes and make a cute conversation and center piece at the shower.

Nappy cakes are made out of cloth or disposable diapers and also typically feature toys and essentials the mom and baby can use.

For instance, pacifiers, stuffed animals and other types of toys are usually stuck in between the diapers. You can also use diaper-related accessories in the cake, such as diaper rash ointment or safety pins if the mom plans on using cloth diapers.

Nappy cakes can feature pink accents for a girl and blue for a boy. If the gender of the baby is unknown, neutral colors like green or yellow could be showcased as well. Nappy cakes can also be used to reveal the gender of the baby to those at the shower. For instance, you can bring the cake out with the colored accents and the guests will know then if the baby is a boy or girl.

Getting Nappy Cakes

Nappy cakes can be ordered from many stores and baby websites. With everything you have to do, having your nappy cake delivered is a great convenience.

You can also make them yourself. They are fairly easy to create and can be made by rolling the diapers and securing them with pins. Make several towers of diapers, then stack them up on top of each other like you would a wedding cake. Wrap a piece of ribbon around each tower, then insert the baby toys and tools.

When you bring this cake into the room, the guests will be amazed at such a fun and delightful present. When the mommy-to-be gets home, she can take the cake apart and await the arrival of her baby.

Diaper-Themed Baby Shower Games

A variety of games are available for a baby shower. The type of game you decide to play really depends on what type of crowd you have. For instance, if your crowd is fun and likes things that are kind of silly and gross, try melting chocolate bars in the diapers. By smelling – or even tasting – the bars, they'll need to decide what type of candy is disguised as something pretty terrible.

If the crowd is a little more tame, baby-themed word jumbles and scrambles are a good idea. Grab a few clothespins and have each guest place one on him or herself. Each time someone mentions the word “baby,” a guest is permitted to take the clothespin off of the person who says it. The guest that has the most pins on her in the end wins a prize.

Throwing the mom-to-be a baby shower that features fun and festive decorations, favors and games will really get her excited about her little bundle of joy. And showing her that she has many friends and family members that care for her will make her feel even more special.


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