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Planning an Oscar night party

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Red carpet
A red carpet sets the mood for an Oscar night party
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Make the most of Oscar night by throwing a party.

Lots of people look forward to Oscar night: watching the celebrities on the red carpet and all of the luscious fashions, seeing the awards and cheering for your favorite celebrities. Holding an Oscar night party is a lot of fun. An Oscar night party is a great time to celebrity-watch and reminiscence about the year's best movies.

Planning an Oscar Night Party

Invite everyone to come over on the night of the Oscars. An Oscar night party is a great evening to learn more about the movies and various celebrities from your friends as you watch the awards. Some party hosts decide to start cocktails and appetizers during the pre-show when they are interviewing celebrities on the red carpet. There are some Oscar night fans who find that the pre-show is just as much fun as the actual ceremony. But this also makes your party much longer, so you will need to plan your logistics practically.

Party Games

When planning an Oscar night party, create Oscar ballots for everyone. It can be a lot of fun to have some movie-themed prizes. You could have the top prize be the DVD of the winning Oscar movie.

Another fun idea is to create a movie trivia contest. The awards show can sometimes be long and it is best to make your own fun while you are waiting to watch the awards that you are most interested in. A movie trivia contest would keep your guests happily occupied. You could also offer some type of movie-themed prize. Putting people into teams or having people play individually are various choices for the movie trivia.


Decorating for your Oscar night party is fun and just a little glamorous. If you want to have a fancy party, ask everyone to dress up for delicious cocktails and dinner. Or, keep it fun and casual with a fun movie theme. Put out some movie paraphernalia such as popcorn holders from the movies (go to your local theatre and ask if they will give you some) filled with snacks for people to enjoy. Play music soundtracks from movies that everyone enjoys. You could even create your own red carpet for everyone to walk down as they come into your home! Make your Oscar night party unique and fun.


Food for your party can be original and delicious. If there are some movies that have interesting food, it could be cool to cook some food that is themed to the movies. So if one of the movies was Fried Green Tomatoes you could serve some fried green tomatoes as an appetizer. Everyone would find this charming and unique. It would be a great way to get everyone talking about the movies that they loved during the year.

An Oscar night party is a fun way to celebrate and enjoy the Oscars with your friends and family. If you truly enjoy hosting this party, why not go all-out and make your party an annual tradition? It can be an event that people will look forward to all year!

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