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How to play to your audience with a magic wand

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If you use a magic wand sparingly in your act, the audience will realize that it is you, the magician, who possesses magical powers, not the wand
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Most magicians use a magic wand to emphasize a particular trick.

Some magicians use magic wands to emphasize a particular trick or because the wand is an integral part of the trick itself. It's your job as the magician to determine the best moments to use a magic wand. If you use a magic wand sparingly in your act, the audience will realize that it is you, the magician, who possesses magical powers, not the wand.


Early Uses of the Magic Wand


In the days when magicians claimed to be great and powerful sorcerers and wizards, they had their audiences believing that magic could not be performed without the use of a magic wand. It was said that all of the magician's power and prowess was contained within the small carved stick. Magicians would even have multiple wands for different tricks to create the illusion of the power of the wands.


Play to the Audience with Your Magic Wand


When most people think of a magician, they often have a favorite magician in mind. Others imagine a well-dressed man wearing white gloves and a top hat wielding a magic wand.

Magicians took advantage of these stereotypical images of what a magician should look like to further their careers, which meant wielding a wand to appeal to larger audiences. If a magic wand makes an appearance in your magic show, you're sure to get a cheer from the crowd.

Successful Magic Wand Misdirection


Other than pleasing the audience, the only real use for a magic wand is misdirection. Waving the wand around draws the audience's attention to its tip. This distracts them from what you are doing with your other hand either behind your back, under a handkerchief or in plain sight.

Do not point at the trick itself with the wand until you're ready for the audience to see it. In fact, keep the wand on the opposite side of your body, pointing away from the trick.


Be sure to talk while you're waving the wand so that it will appear more like you're talking with your hands rather than trying to cause a distraction. If your audience notices the trick being set up, the secret might be revealed.

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