What is the biker community

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The biker community is quite diverse
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Novice or non-motorcyclers may wonder what is the biker community

Community is an interesting word no matter what the context.  When most people think about that word they are probably thinking about a particular neighborhood or town. 

The word speaks to a group of like minded people who share similar interests and likes and dislikes.  Most people don't really think outside of the geographic meaning of the word and so have a hard time answering a question like "what is the biker community."  In actuality, the question most likely throws them for a loop because when "biker" is thrown into the mix preconceived notions come into play as well.

Thanks to television and Hollywood, as well as some well cultivated urban legends, people who ride motorcycles are generally considered outlaws who would just as soon kill you as look at you. Anyone who straps on a pair of chaps and a helmet is someone who doesn't consider the rights of other people, let alone care about anyone in a community at all.  Groups like the Hell's Angels have actually reveled in the world considering them a danger because it makes them look big and bad.  

The real story is that the biker community is much more than a bunch of people who ride into small towns and wreak havoc.  Members of a specific club within the biker community may wear similar leather jackets, shirts with logos or doo-rags to distinguish themselves from other groups of bikers who ride together.

The larger group of motorcycle enthusiasts are just like any other group of people, there are some who indeed do have problems with the law, but there are just as many who are not only law abiding citizens, but actually work in law enforcement. 

Quite a few of the people who consider themselves members of this particular community have even gone out of their way to help people who cannot help themselves.

The Patriot Guard are one particular group that has taken it upon themselves to help the larger world in general.  These men and women have become outraged by anti-gay groups that have been protesting the funerals of fallen soldiers.  The anti-gay groups believe that the soldiers' deaths are God's punishment for allowing the "gay lifestyle" and these groups tend to celebrate the deaths. The Patriot Guard decided that it was unconscionable to be making it hard on fallen soldiers' families and now patrol the areas, doing their best to keep the protesters away from the mourners.

What it comes down to is that the biker community is like any other you might find.  Especially in the age of the Internet, the men and women are able to share stories and advice through various websites and chat forums.  They leap to their colleagues defense when it is needed and work to help their areas when it is needed. 

Like any other collection of people, it is hard to pin down exactly who they are and what they do because their goals and needs change depending on how specific you want to become.  Sites like allow members to communicate stories that are both good and bad.  

These sites also allow enthusiasts to attend the best shows and find places to eat, sleep and stay.  The entire group look after one another like other groups do for their members.  There isn't a great mystery when it comes to describing them.  They are people who ride Harley Davidsons or Yahamas, or any other brand of cycle. 

The definition of community itself does not actually mean that the people in it need to live in the same set of square mileage.  In reality, they can live half a world away and still consider themselves neighbors because of the endeavors to keep in contact.  This group is no different than any other group that have a specific kind of interest that they love to share with others.

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