Father's Day weekend ideas

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There are hundreds of things you can do on a fun Father's Day weekend
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Turn Father's Day into a Father's Day weekend

With all he does, doesn't dad deserve more than just Father's Day? Why not turn Father's Day into a whole Father's Day weekend and show your dad just how much you care?

Planning a weekend for dad isn't hard, and doesn't have to cost a lot, either. A little research, some creativity and planning and a lot of love is all it takes to give dad two special days all his own.

Step One: Research

To make your dad's Father's Day weekend a success may require some research.  Unless your dad's favorite team has a game or his favorite NASCAR driver is in a race, you may need to gather some ideas for what to do.

Start with what your dad loves to do, watch, listen to or read. Is he a music fan?  A book lover? A baseball fanatic? List the things that your dad enjoys most, then grab the local paper or search for a city events listing online for your area. Look for free concerts, art openings, sports memorabilia shows or other low cost or free events that match your dad's interests.

If your dad enjoys the great outdoors, look for parks, hiking trails, scuba areas or camp grounds that don't involve a long drive, especially if dad is the one who will end up doing the driving.

As you do your research, keep in mind the cost, any special equipment needed and whether reservations are required.

Step Two: Planning

Look over your research list and pick out one or two activities that dad would really love doing. Make the phone calls (or if you're not old enough, have mom or an adult friend help) to make sure the events you've chosen are open, have space and are affordable. Be sure to leave some time in the weekend for dad to relax, too. That's another great part of a Father's Day weekend that he won't want to miss!

Once you have the activities planned, work on adding a special meal or two into the weekend. Treating your dad to a dinner in his honor is sure to make him feel like a king on his special day.

If your plans involve special equipment or supplies, make sure you have everything ready before the weekend starts. Remember, you want your dad to enjoy everything you've planned with a minimum amount of fuss. Don't forget things like directions, maps, tickets or snacks!

Step Three: Give your dad his weekend, with love

Now comes the fun part.  You get to spend Father's Day weekend with your dad, enjoying all the fun plans you've made, the special meals you prepared and the time with your father.

Take a camera with you to capture the special moments.  If you want to create a special memento for your father, gather ticket stubs, brochures, pressed leaves and other souvenirs of the weekend to use with the photos to create a Father's Day weekend scrapbook.

You can do it!  You can make your dad's weekend a memory you'll both always treasure. 

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