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Facebook is home to the funniest pic uploads in the world
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There are a number of sites where you can find funny photos for Facebook walls

The Internet can be a pretty funny place. There are all kinds of different memes that are floating around the wild west that is the net and of those, there are a ton that are simply hilarious.

The best part about these memes is that there are a number of different places where you can get photos and Gifs that you can share with your friends in a variety of different ways.

When it comes to social marketing there are a lot of different reasons why someone is using Twitter and Facebook. Obviously sharing information is one of the biggest reasons to use these sites, but more and more often it has become a contest to see who can make everyone else crack up the most. People have started using sites like Facebook to share the funniest pics they can find that could also let their friends and followers know whats on their mind.

Creating humorous pictures and Gifs has become a bit of a cottage industry on the Internet. Sites have been competing with each other for years -- since the Internet was first born. These sites are also competing with each other for internet "hits" amd trafic, and a few of the best funny picture sites on the web have risen as the cream of the crop.

Ecards are actually a cottage industry all their own and as a general rule aren't striving for funny. What SomeEcards does is take those normally well-thought out and very thoughtful Ecards and take a funny spin on them. 

The basis of the pictures are drawings that look like they might best be located in the 1950's with funny captions included. The best part about this particular site is that seems to have an Ecard for literally any topic and tone. Because the pictures tend to be those that are already geared for any kind of oddity, the site just has to find the funny caption for the event or the occurrence and you are all set.  

Like any good comedy picture site, there are a couple of different ways to share these hilarious cards. You can email them if you only want one person to see them, but the site also has a very easy way to feature these cards on social networking sites. One click and you can have as many hilarious Ecards as you want posted on your Facebook wall.

Fail Blog

The Fail Blog is actually a subsidiary of the gigantic I Can Haz Cheeseburger website that made their bones with pictures of cats in various poses. While the Cheeseburger pics aren't my cup of tea, the Fail Blog features tons of different pictures of people and animals in various degrees of mishaps.  There are thousands of pictures and if you are just looking to post a bunch of funny photos you found on the web, it is incredibly easy to link these photos onto your Facebook Wall.

Meme Generator

If you want to have a real, direct hand in the funny pictures you post on your wall, a site like Meme Generator comes in handy. This site has a ton of the best known pictures on the Internet and they have a built in tool that will allow you to post your own captions over the top of those pics.

Success Kid, as well as a ton of other well known memes, are all there and the tool will allow you to create a new meme if you are witty enough. After you've created the perfect meme picture you can easily load it up on your Facebook page.

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