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Classes are the ideal setting to make friends
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How to meet more friends is about being in the right place at the right time

Perhaps you've just moved to a new town and are looking for friends, or maybe you just want to increase the number you already have. Whatever your reasoning, making new friends is something almost everyone wants to do.

The problem is, meeting new friends is often intimidating. After all, you're putting yourself out there and could potentially get rejected. However, since you'll never know until you try, you really should get over your fear and go ahead and try to make new friends. You have nothing to lose, and a few new friends to gain.

Once you know how to meet more friends, you'll become the social butterfly you've always wanted.

Join a Group

A fun way to meet new friends is to join a group. Whether it's a book club, a kickball team or a knitting group, you're sure to meet interesting people there.

It's almost guaranteed that there's a group for whatever you're interested in. A good way to find out is to look online or at a store that sells items for the hobby you're into. For instance, if you like to scrapbook, go to a location in which they sell scrapbooking items. They may have information about a scrapbooking group or may hold scrapbooking events throughout the week. Meeting with people that share an interest with you is a good way to make friends as you'll already have something in common.

Take a Class

Enrolling in a class is not only educational, but is a great way for you to make new friends. Taking a class in school can teach you all sorts of new things, including how to interact with people.

Taking an interest in what the other person is talking to you about is a great way to bond with that potential new friend. And showing that you really do care about what that person is saying will likely make him or her feel at ease with you, which is an ideal start for a budding friendship.

The class could be educational, but you could also take it for fun, as well. For instance, if you've always wanted to learn how to paint, this could be a great opportunity for you to do so. Along with delving into the art world and learning all of the aspects of painting such as strokes and essential painting supplies - you can meet other people who share this interest with you.

Join a Team

If there's a sport you enjoy, go ahead and join a team that plays it. You'll get lots of exercise, in addition to lots of time to interact with others. Playing together on a team forces you to talk with others, as you have to work together to get to that common goal of winning.

But you don't have to be athletic to join a team. You could play for a chess team or even a debate team whatever you like. The bottom line is you want to join a team that allows you to talk to others and meet new people.

No matter where you go to meet friends, you have to remember that making friends ultimately depends on you; smile and be friendly and outgoing and you'll increase your chances of meeting those new friends you've wanted.

Once you know how to meet more friends, you can go into almost any situation and feel confident you'll have a new friend as an end result.


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