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You are just a stone's throw away from capturing a memory.
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Memory stones are a great way to naturally preserve sentiments of a lifetime.

Memory stones are a natural way to preserve the memories of loved ones, pets or special events. From etching a favorite verse or capturing the likeness of a loved one on stone, you are recognizing and preserving a special memory. Slate, granite and marble are just of few of the types of stone that are used to engrave dates, names or inspirational verses into the stone's surface. Stones can be polished or left in their original state to create a memory stone that will last through time.   

Memories of Ancient Civilizations

Memory stones come in all shapes and sizes and have actually been in existence for thousands of years. Etchings and engravings on stone, called petroglyphs, can be found in the ruins of ancient civilizations throughout the world. Petroglyphs are the handprint of civilizations that came before modern time and leave a snapshot for all to view of their times. From etchings and carvings of animals to ceremonial events to more complicated astronomical markers, these stones have preserved a vital portion of history.   

So what are some of the uses of memory stones for modern times? Here a few choice examples of creating a memorial for a loved one, pet or just capturing a special day such as wedding or anniversary.  

Memorial Stones celebrate life

These stones are perhaps the most popular stone to give when someone dear and close has passed on. Even pets hold a special place in our hearts and a memorial to mark their time spent giving us joy is worthy of a memory in stone. You can choose to have a photo likeness etched in the stone of your choice, the dates of their life spent on earth or dedicate a garden or other special site to them.  Inspirational sayings and special phrases spoken by a loved one is also another way to memorialize them. Memorial stones are not necessarily headstones. A memory stone can sit on a desk, shelf or in a garden as a dedication to their life. 

Besides the memorial stone, here are some more uses for stones that are becoming increasingly popular. These memory stones focus on the present such as: preserving a special day or providing daily inspiration.

Acknowledge a Special Event

Anniversary/Wedding: Celebrate a wedding or anniversary with memory stones. A unique way to share a wedding memory with invitees is to scatter memory stones on reception tables. Small stones, many shaped like hearts, are engraved with the couples names and wedding date. These wedding favors are a great memorabilia piece to remind invitees of the day shared in a couple's happiness. Memory stones also recognize milestones such as the 10th, 25th or 50th wedding anniversary. A great gift to send couples who have explored a lifetime of togetherness.  

Stepping stones: Stepping stones can be used to dedicate a garden or special rose bed to the person who has the green thumb of the house. They are a unique gift to present at birthdays or Christmas. Stones depicting flowers, wheelbarrows, or sunbonnets with the recipient's name will identify their special garden. Sitting areas in your yard are another great way to decorate with memory stones. Use stepping stones to mark the path to your favorite bench or barbecue area.

Memory stones offer inspiration, preserve memories and capture special moments in time. They promote good feelings and hold a special place in the heart of loved ones. Stone is an all-natural way to celebrate and preserve life achievements.

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