Men's fashion style guide for vacation

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men's vacation style
This is one good style to wear on vacation
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How to know what a men's fashion style guide is for vacation good looks

When a guy is on vacation, there are a couple of worries that take precendence.

Depending on the kind of vacation you are taking, the first concern has to be, getting to see everything you wanted to see. If your trip is less about sightseeing and more about just unwinding then you are going to want to make sure and just get some old relaxation time built up.

Way down on the list of things that are important, a list that includes making sure you have enough money to get you home again, is what kind of clothes you should wear. While it may not be the most important aspect of your trip, wearing the right outfits does play into your enjoyment because if you look rather silly when out and about, that can hinder how much you are enjoying your surroundings.

If you can't get yourself a full men's fashion style guide for vacation there are a couple of different rules you can keep in mind.

The first rule is that when you are on vacation, you are still going to be trying to look as good as you can when you are wandering around town or going out to lunch or dinner. We've all seen the people who looked like they were escapees from the 1980's wearing giant floppy hats and shorts and t-shirts that are far too small for their bodies.

The fact of the matter is that there are clothes out there that will allow you to be comfortable even when you are in a steamy location, while looking like you stepped out of a magazine.


There are actually a couple of different directions you can go with shirts when you are traveling. If you are taking in a tropical location then you can go with a lightweight polo or button down short sleeved shirt that evokes memories of the traditional "Hawaiian" shirt without being that garish. You can also go with a nice polo that has solid colors that will look classy enough to go into pretty nice restaurants or hanging out on the dock getting in some fishing.


Shorts are a bit of a tricky subject when it comes to fashion and vacations. There are of course shorts that can fit into any event, if you are willing to wear them, but they do always emit an air of "laid back" that can be off-putting in the wrong environment. 

When going out to dinner at a nice restaurant, you are going to want to wear something other than shorts in order to give off the right air.  

If you are just out on the links or hanging out, walking the promenade and taking in the sights, then sporting a pair of shorts is perfectly fine. You will still need to pick a pair of shorts that look good and are comfortable to boot and for the most part this means that booty shorts are completely out of the question. 

When hitting the links or hanging out on a sidewalk cafe options include pleated shorts or cargo shorts, whether blue, black or khaki are going to look good and match with almost any outfit.


A set of khaki slacks can be your best friend when on a trip because they are not heavy in the way that jeans can be, and they give you a more "business casual" look when out on the town. A nice pair of dress slacks can be worn around when you are engaging in a wide variety of activities (other than hiking) and can be left on when you head out to dinner.

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