Baby boomers' favorite retro candy

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Colorful candies baby boomers love
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See if any of these candies were your favorites!

Do you think only kids like candy? Then think again! Baby boomers, specifically those born between 1946 and 1964, have fond memories of their childhood and that includes the candies they ate.When they were kids, baby boomers would save up their pennies and nickels then spend them buying their favorite candies at the corner store. The best part is that now they also have established jobs, computers and more than a couple of nickels to spend on their favorite treats. And advertisers have caught on. Now that advertisers have finally realized the value of targeting this market with money to spend and online access, online retro candy stores are starting to boom right along with the boomers.

If you ask any baby boomer, online candy stores -- retro candy including chocolates, gum, mints and other nostalgic candy -- are here to stay as this generation passes their favorite retro candy tastes down to the next. When talking about nostalgic candy and retro candy, certain favorite candies come to mind for anyone 46 to 64 years old. In no particular order, here are a few of the candies that come to mind to most baby boomers when they think of what they chewed, sucked on or slurped when they were kids.

Topps baseball cards were loved more for the cards than for the little square of pink chewing gum they came with. Though not as popular today, Topps Baseball Cards were collected and traded among neighborhood kids ever since they first appeared in the mid twentieth century. This was not the first appearance of baseball cards, however, having simply moved from the back of packs of tobacco.

Wax Soda Bottles and Lips. Many boomers also enjoyed things made out of wax. Nik L Nip – waxed bottles filled with candy syrup - were a popular treat. You would bite off the top of the “soda bottle,” suck out the sugary syrup inside and then chew on the wax. They also enjoyed Wax Lips which are exactly what they sound like: lips made of wax. You bit the back of the lips to keep it in your mouth where your real lips are. When you were done pretending these were your lips, you chewed the wax until it ran out of flavor. They also came in fangs and moustaches, all made of chewy wax.

Timeless candies. The best part is that many of the baby boomers’ favorite retro candy have stood the test of time and are available today. One of the most obvious favorite candy bars boomers enjoyed was Hershey Bars, but did you know Necco Wafers, Baby Ruths and even Smarties came from that time, too? 

Baby boomers’ favorite retro candy is associated with many fond childhood memories of food and snacks are only a portion of these memories. So next time you take a bite of a candy bar, something made of wax, black licorice, or even a Necco Wafer, remember it may be a new snack to you, but it is probably nothing new to the boomers.


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