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No matter the gender, Sarah Gronert can play
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Tennis star Sarah Granert stuck in gender controvery

Um, tennis balls. I meant tennis balls! Sarah Gronert, a 22-year old tennis player from Germany is causing controversy as to which gender she should compete against in professional tennis. Although Sarah may look like a girl, she was actually born with both male and female genitalia. Although a seemingly rare condition, it is estimated that one in every 100,000 individuals born in the U.S. is a hermaphrodite. However, many of these deformities are now surgically changed at birth.

The problem with Sarah Gronert is that she is an up and coming tennis star and many people are saying that it is obvious that she plays far better than many women in the sport, leading them to believe that her male traits have made their way up her tennis arm and into her backswing. The other issue at hand is that the Olympics and the Women’s Tennis Association disagree on where to place her amongst her “peers”. Sarah Gronert, who has been raised as a woman, chooses to play women’s tennis.

The controversy has taken more than just a small toll on Gronert’s life. A few years back, she even considered quitting the sport due to the challenges she has faced. Sarah now ranks No.619 in the world and experts expect her to rise to the top 50 within the next few months. In fact, the controversy over her past winnings as a female has even caused Wikipedia to delete her page as people continued to write negative messages on it. However, the bottom line here is that Sarah is winning. So, either way it seems like she should just suck it up and take it like a man (or woman).

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