Valentine's day gifts for friends

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Mommies are Girls, and Girls Love Gifts!
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Gifts for special friends on a special day!

I am one individual who loves to get and give gifts. While one can be more appealing than the other, (can you guess which?) I simply enjoy the look and surprise on my friends faces when I give them a gift. 
That's especially the case when I give them practical gifts that make their lives a little more organized and comfortable. Besides Christmas, my favorite giving time is Valentine's Day. I spend a good bit of time selecting special presents for Valentine's Day gifts for friends and I want to be sure to not disappoint.

I have a select group of mommy friends that I give extra special gifts to. My Valentine's Day gifts for friends who are in and a part of me and my children's lives takes a lot of time for me to choose the best and memorable gift. What are some of the things I choose?

1. Spa Treatment Gifts. I usually give them something like an hour's massage to their favorite spa or a home facial treatment kit. Most of my mommy friends are deficient in the self-care department so they are happy and touched to receive it.

2. Family Dinner. That would be a family dinner for about four, delivered to her front door. I have found numerous online companies that will deliver meals ready to prepare and eat right to your front door! Imagine how good my mommy friends feel when they see that they don't have to cook for the night. It does wonders for the psyche to have a night off every now and then, doesn't it?

3. Online Gift Cards. There are usually gift cards for almost any service or product available. I like to give Valentine's Day gifts for friends to places and for things that I like too. That way, I'm sure to give them something that's special and they're sure to use. Some popular places are online clothing stores, shoe stores and jewelry stores. It's always, ALWAYS a hit.

4. Homemade Gifts. ME? No, I'm not crafty but I like to give gifts that are of the crafty nature. Whenever I'm at trade shows or arts and crafts functions, I try and find gifts that fit my friend's personalities. For Valentine's Day, many of the Valentine's Day gifts for friends that I give will always be personal and special just for them. I have one friend who collects all things birds, so I always get her gifts with a bird theme. That includes cuckoo clocks and anything that tweets. She loves it!

I get excited about their birthdays too, but Valentine's Day is a special day when I can celebrate them all at the same time. We all usually go to a girl's night out or do lunch and exchange our gifts. Yes, my close friends are pretty special and I like that I can show them how much they mean to me by selecting and giving them great gifts that I know they will enjoy.

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