Choosing funny Valentine's day cards

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Many Valentine's Day cards are adorned with hearts
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Five tips to help you buy the right funny card for Valentine's Day

It is that time of year again, when just about every store you visit is bursting with pink and red cards celebrating the love holiday. Go ahead, bite the bullet and buy your cards. There are five things to keep in mind when choosing funny Valentine's day cards for your friends and loved ones:

1. Timeliness is a factor. It is important to give yourself plenty of time to find the right cards for your loved ones. Waiting until the last minute will only leave you feeling rushed, and ultimately you may not choose a card that says exactly what you feel. Or worse yet, you'll be lucky to even find a decent funny Valentine's Day card at all, as most of them will be picked over if you wait too late. You don't want to get stuck with a generic card for the love of your life. If you do wait until the last minute, maybe it is best to buy a blank card instead - perfect for an outpouring of all those mushy feelings!

2. Friends or lovers? Today there are cards for your wife, husband, grandmother, sister, doctor, neighbor, even your pets. With the variety of cards available, choosing funny Valentine's day cards for friends is a piece of cake. There are sentimental cards and funny cards, all of which relay the same message: I appreciate and care about you. If this "friend" is a potential or brand-new love, you do not want a card that is too platonic, yet a traditional romantic Valentine's Day card might be excessive at this stage in the relationship. There is a fine line, and choosing the right card for a new love gets a little trickier. Again, a blank card might be the solution. Or, read the next suggestion. However, a box of Valentine's Day chocolates and a romantic Valentine's Day card will go a long way with your spouse.

3. Get crafty. Remember back in elementary school when you made your own funny Valentine's Day cards? In February, classrooms are littered with red, white and pink construction paper, crayons, markers, puffy paint and glue. You are never too old to make your own Valentine's Day cards. Get some supplies and get busy. It can be fun to create a special card for that certain someone. And he or she will certainly appreciate the time and effort you put into making the valentine. Isn't that the most important thing?

4. eCard vs. paper card? With the selection of eCards on the rise, it is certainly a viable option today to send a thoughtful and funny Valentine's Day e-message. Whether or not to choose an eCard or a paper card depends entirely on the recipient. Some people feel that sending eCards is lazy; the act of driving to the card store, searching for the perfect card and writing a personal message inside means more to them than the card itself. And, it is tough to compete with that hand-written message, especially on Valentine's Day ... which brings us to No. 5 on the list.

5. Personal notes. Let's face it - isn't the personal message more important than the manufactured words that come with the card? Sure, the point is to find a card that says exactly what you feel, but the written words are the icing on the cake. This is where you dig deep and let those feelings flow, no matter how sappy they may seem.

With these guidelines to help you, choosing funny Valentine's day cards should now be a snap. Happy heart day!

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