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You can find a variety of Valentine's Day ecards on the Web
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Valentine's Day is a popular holiday for sending ecards

Did you know that more than 191 million Valentine's Day cards are purchased annually? Next to Christmas, Valentine's Day is the most popular holiday for buying cards. Since the inception of the ecard, that number has only increased if you consider the number of people who opt for Valentines day ecards instead of traditional paper cards.

Ecards have upped the ante over the past decade, evolving from simple, flat "cookie cutter" cards to interactive, video and photo cards, even totally customizable cards. Sentimentalists will argue every time that paper cards with the written word are more thoughtful. However, the idea of receiving an ecard is not as taboo as it once was, considering it takes serious thought to customize that special ecard for that special someone, especially if you are sending photo or video messages.

There are several reasons to send Valentines day ecards instead of traditional paper cards. Here are five:

1. Sending an ecard is fast. Once you find a trusted ecard vendor and spend some time customizing your message, it can be sent at the click of the mouse. Cut out the middle man; in this case the postman.

2. Skip the crowds. With all those 191 million Valentine's Day cards sold comes 191 million people to buy them. By sending an ecard you're avoiding the crowded aisles at your local card store. And, if you happen to be a procrastinator, ecards are the perfect alternative to picked-through card aisles.

3. You are helping the environment. Some experts say that non-recycled paper cards can clutter the landfill for up to 30 years. By sending an ecard, you can feel good about doing your part.

4. It is free. Most greeting card Web sites allow you to send ecards at no charge. During troublesome economic times, this isn't a bad deal. While die-hards might say this is cheap, if the sentiment is right your recipient won't give it a second thought.

5. Your special someone can keep it forever! There is always room on that hard drive to store a love message.

Web sites that offer Valentines day ecards

Traditional card vendors American Greetings ( and Hallmark ( are good places to start. These sites still offer a smathering of free ecards, but some cards require a nominal fee. has a variety of video ecards, ranging from run-of-the-mill generic to over-the-top mushy - and everything in between. If you want to send a funny video message, try, where you can be the star of any video emessage you choose, simply by uploading a photo of yourself.

Another Web site you might consider is, which offers "Hot and Sexy," funny and traditional Valentines day ecards complete with hearts and puppies.

One tip: Sending a Valentines day ecard is great, but don't forget the gift. Sending a box of echocolates just won't cut it.

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