Valentines day gifts for him

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Girl giving boyfriend a gift
Buying your guy a Valentine's Day gift doesn't have to be hard
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Here is a list of Valentine's Day gift ideas for your guy.

There's just something about buying your boyfriend a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates that just doesn't feel quite right. But, when Valentine's Day rolls around, we rack our brains to try and figure out just what is the right gift for him.

Look no further. We have come up with a list of Valentines day gifts for him ... so you don't have to.


Even if your guy isn't technically a geek, most likely he still flips for gadgets. Whether you buy him a universal remote control or a waterproof shower radio, chances are he will be thrilled with a gadget-y gift. The good thing about gadgets is they are limitless. If it takes batteries and makes his life easier, he will love it.

Many online stores are great sources for gadget gifts. Get him the football scoreboard desk clock (if he likes football, of course), the Super-Sized TV Remote or new USB speakers for his computer.


If your guy is finnicky, buying him clothes may be tough. But, guys do love clothes. If you don't want to pick out something for fear of rejection, consider buying him a gift card to his favorite store. Otherwise, there are a host of options.

Is he a hat guy? There are hundreds of Web sites that sell every type of hat under the sun, from fedoras to leather baseball caps. If you need to, measure his head. Measure your own, too, and tell him you just want to compare head sizes.

Get him a Hawaiian shirt. Spring is on the way and this will get him in the mood for a vacation.

Sports stuff

OK, so maybe he watches a little too much SportsCenter for your taste, but we guarantee he will love you forever if you buy him something (anything) emblazoned with his favorite team's logo. He probably has a hundred T-shirts, hats, cups, keychains, you name it, but there is always room for more. Right, guys?

You find great stores online that sell a variety of gifts for the sports fan - from NCAA sports to Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League.

You can surprise him with an addition to his collectibles. Does he collect old action figures like GI Joe or Indiana Jones? Cotswold Collectibles offers a whole host of dolls for boys. (Just don't call them that to his face.) You can even buy Davy Jones of "Pirates of the Caribbean" and the Joker from "The Dark Knight." Pretty cool stuff.

So go ahead and splurge. We hope the Valentines day gifts for him we have listed here will help kickstart your search for just the right gift for your sweetheart.

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