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The definitive Barbie fan club
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What are Barbie fan clubs and how can a collector get involved with a group

The Barbie doll has long been one of the most beloved toys in American culture. Part of the reason the doll has gotten so much love is simply because it has been around for so long and because so many children have been afforded the ability to have this affordable toy and her friends in their homes at one time.

Barbie, Ken and a cast of friends and family members have been created, with different accessories. This has kept the doll line fresh and new for generation after generation.

When toys and games -- and almost any product -- gets popular enough, people go looking for communities in which they can share their favorite ideas, toys and dreams about the products that they love. Fan clubs have popped up that cover everything from someone's favorite television show or movie, all the way up their favorite movie star or author.

Toys that have been around as long as Barbie and her friends have been are bound to have large following of fans who want to do more than just buy as many of the toys as they can for themselves. People want to know that there are other people out there who share their fascinations. That is really the answer to the question of what are Barbie fan clubs.

In the age of the Internet, these collectibles clubs are less often organizations where people physically get together in a specific location and talk about their love for the dolls. Today, many of these clubs are online message boards or forums where people can post all sorts of different discussions. Questions can be asked and answered and people can hash out differences of opinion, all in real time and from all across the world.

The best Barbie fan clubs are the ones that have found a way to tie their community into a way to buy and sell the doll as well. One of the best fan club sites out there is the community at This site is much more than a place where people can purchase the latest dolls, or find new clothes or accessories.

The Barbie Collector community allows for people to browse a huge library of different dolls, from throughout the years as well as new ones that are being released in this current year or on an annual basis. In addition to looking at product, the site has a community that allows people to post their own personal thoughts about the genre as well as find out information from the companies that design the dolls and the clothing that can go with them.

This particular site hosts a Barbie fan club that is built to answer a huge variety of different questions about what people should do with their dolls to keep them looking new, how to design clothes and how to display collectibles.

This particular site isn't the only fan club for lovers of the iconic American fashion doll. Anyone can start up a club like this and find people who want to have a place to get information about their favorite hobbies. Barbie Collectors is the most official club of this kind, but there are dozens of other communities that are all built to discuss one aspect or another of this particular doll line. Many collectors belong to multiple clubs.

Movies and television shows have all been spawned from the doll line and there are websites where those are discussed.  

The line is so popular among some doll collectors that sites that publish fan fiction have even popped up on the web. All of these sites qualify to be lumped under the same roof and all can be called fan clubs.

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