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Tips on what kind of jewelry men like from the best source: a man

We all know people who love to pile on the jewelry. For the most part there are some obvious kinds of jewelry that everyone is willing to wear and there are some pieces that are a little less traditional and a little more gaudy.

When talking about the kind of jewelry a woman will wear and then asking ourselves what kind of jewelry do men like, we find there are some distinct differences by and large. Not all women think alike and men are the same way, but there are some general rules. If you are looking to get men some pieces of jewelry as a gift then there are some you really can't go wrong with and some you should stay away from.


Some men do wear earrings, though that fad seems to be fading out after hitting a high in the mid to late 1990's. If you have decided that you want to get some earrings for your man then there are a couple of different rules you should take into account. Male earrings are not going to be the same as those that women wear.

Men's earrings tend to just be studs, either diamond or a solid metal and while some guys might go towards the less traditional look, few are going to be wearing flamboyant, colorful pieces.


Just like earrings, there are guys that will sport a necklace but these are quite a bit different than something like a woman would feel more comfortable in. You are not going to see too many guys walking down the street boasting a pearl necklace but you can see someone wearing a gold or silver chain and feel quite comfortable.

When looking at what kind of jewelry do men like, you need to know that some men will even wear necklaces that have some sort of pendant as long as it looks manly enough. 


A man who wears shirts with French cuffs will appreciate cufflinks that match his personal style. Look for classic styles, or something funkier. In the same vein, tie tacks and collar stays can make a special gift for the fashionably discerning male.


Most men are perfectly comfortable wearing a ring, though much like necklaces there are a couple of caveats. Men's rings have to look like men's rings. If a ring is sporting a giant diamond or other "rock" then it is going to take a special kind of man to stroll around in public sporting that kind of ring.

One ring that most men are perfectly comfortable wearing at all times is of course a wedding ring. Most men's wedding rings are sufficiently conservative that no one will confuse them with the more feminine kinds of rings and generally come with the look of a simple band (either silver, white gold or gold). These rings might have some sort of decoration but they are generally pretty subtle.

Signet rings are another piece of jewelry that are pretty much exclusively masculine. These rings tend to either sport the "family crest" of the man wearing the ring or their initials. These were first used by royalty to sign official proclamations but nowadays they are basically just rings that allow men to show off their family pride and personality.


When you first wondered what kind of jewelry men might wear, it is a pretty safe bet that watches would be among the list. Watch makers have long engaged in making two different kinds of watches, one kind for women and another for men. Like most other versions of jewelry for men, these watches tend to be a little more conservative in the decorations and are usually thicker, to better fit the usually thicker forearm of a man.

There are all kinds of watches that a guy might wear, anything from the old school swatches to basic digital watches to the more luxury types like Rolex.

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