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An at home facial is easy

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The luxury of an at home facial always leaves one feeling beautiful
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Enjoy an at home beauty facial for a bit of blissful relaxation

Nothing beats an at home facial whose luxurious components—cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturizing—rival those of any beauty emporium or fancy spa. Nothing beats the comfort of lounging around at home while pampering your skin. There, any woman—or man—can calmly prepare for a wonderful experience. Turn off the cell phone. Light an aromatherapy candle whose essence reminds you of pine forests or tropical sea breezes. Add an extra measure of relaxation by playing some soft music.

Nothing beats the convenience of applying an at home facial when you feel like a break from the daily hustle bustle. Take all the time you need. Slip your fingertips across the silky surface of a freshly opened jar of eye cream, moisture cream or cream concentrate and anticipate some quality time—some time just for yourself. 

Today, it’s easy to find handy sets of regenerative products in pretty little bags that contain all three items—an at home facial trio of regenerative goodies. A large variety of facial therapy products can add professional benefits to your at home facial, too, like light therapy and anti-acne treatments. No appointment is needed and no tipping is allowed, when you indulge in an at home facial.

Plain water is best for cleansing

In order to do an at home facial correctly, use plenty of warm water. Dip a soft washcloth into plain, warm water and use the wet cloth to gently pat the face, neck, ears and skin behind the ears. Do not rub. 

When the surface grime is gone, rinse and apply a more thorough cleansing by adding to the washcloth a dab of gentle soap, one containing cold cream, olive oil or perhaps glycerin—a compound that retains moisture. Then, use gentle, circular motions to initiate the perfect at home facial.

Exfoliating is important

The next step in doing an at home facial relates to exfoliating. Once the skin is clean, a light skin sweep is done using a gentle scrub that refines pores, moisturizes and purifies the surface of the skin. Today one can obtain a laboratory-formulated, well balanced skin sweep that contains tiny spheres of mineral powder. The tiny beads act as exfoliating agents. Quite effective is this type of a gentle skin sweep scrub compound. But a slap-dash effort won’t do. This is the time to do things right.

Cleopatra knew about beauty

Legendary beauties long have known the value of exfoliating—mechanically removing dead skin cells from the face, or other parts of the body. Learning how to exfoliate skin is an activity that when mastered adds a luxurious, extra dimension to an at home facial. The process of exfoliating removes old skin and helps uncover a new layer of lovely, glowing skin.

An at home facial is the basis for exceptional skin care. A feature in Tour Egypt Monthly, an online magazine, notes that even the ancient Egyptians practiced techniques for exfoliating, eliminating wrinkles and reducing stretch marks. They reportedly were adept at designing hair extensions, full wigs, makeup and hair coloring formulas. 

The feature relates that Cleopatra is known to have written a book of beauty secrets. Some amazing facts are revealed in the Beauty Secrets of Ancient Egypt magazine feature.

Toning and moisturizing seal the deal

The at home facial thus far has consisted of cleansing and exfoliating. Now, it’s time to tone and moisturize. Toners come in a variety of formulas whose ingredients are a help in providing a way to tighten pores. Use a cotton ball soaked in toner to wipe areas where oil tends to accumulate. The forehead, hairline and sides of the nose are problem areas to be addressed during an at home facial. Most are designed for a particular skin type—dry, normal or oily.

Moisturizers, too, are an important part of any at home facial. Choose a moisturizer that is formulated for your skin type. Moisturizers for dry skin will contain extra oils and rich emollients. Those for oily skin may contain non-oily ingredients such as aloe. And a person with normal skin will find the largest assortment. Whatever your choice, be gentle. Be thorough. You’ll surely be more beautiful—after an at home facial.

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