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Holding an at-home spa day

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Team up with a friend and treat each other to an at-home spa day
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Pamper yourself in the comfort of your own home with an at-home spa day.

Do you want to be treated to spa services but don't want to go to a spa? Many are now turning to having an at-home spa day. Holding an at-home spa day is a great way to treat yourself and it is a lot of fun to share with friends.

Mobile Spas

Mobile spas are becoming more popular throughout the United States. With a mobile spa, all of the spa services you could possibly want are brought into your home! This is ideal if you find it challenging to leave home or if you feel it will be more relaxing to be pampered at home. It used to be that spa services that came to you were reserved for the rich and famous. But now, you too can have a spa facial or spa pedicure at home! Many local spas offer mobile spa services; simply ask your local spa if they are also a mobile spa.

Independent Spa Workers

There are also independent spa service workers; they may not work for a specific spa, but they offer the wonderful services that a spa has in the convenience of your home. You can find a facialist or a masseur who will come to your home. There are manicurists and makeup artists who will also do at-home consultations. Just about any service that you would like to treat and indulge yourself in can easily be had at-home.

A Spa Day with Friends

Some find spa services provided by a professional to be prohibitive. But don't worry you can do many luxurious spa services yourself, especially if you team up with a friend. Invite a good friend over for an at-home spa day of facials and manicures; you can do each other's nails. This is a fun way to hang out with a friend while getting some much needed pampering. If you love spa services but still want some jingle in your pocketbook this can be the choice for you.

Using Spa Products

We are also fortunate that so many high-quality spa products that used to only be available for professionals are now available to the consumer. You can find wonderful facial products, or even get a recipe to make your own! There are lots of great books on spa tips that will teach you how to give a great at-home facial or manicure.

Lots of people love spa services and they are now choosing to enjoy them by holding an at-home spa day. Why not sample your favorite spa service at-home today or this weekend? You'll be glad you did!

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